Ebay dual belt motor kit. Opinions?

Hey I havnt seen a review of this premade motor kit. See that dickyho and many chinese sellers on ebay sell it. Would i be able to eventually swap the motors and pulleys? Just looking for an alternative to purchasing replacement meepo v2 motors. Will probably buy a cheap ebay esc as well. Figure I’ll spend about $220 this route instead of $170, but I’ll have a belt motor board. Just worried I’ll miss the top end 29mph speed of my meepo, and the reliability. That thing lasted me many thousands of miles.

My friend has the one from DIYE which I think is the same, you can upgrade to 90mm ABEC wheels but the core is slightly different and needs filing, the motors can only be replaced with 5045s or smaller, be aware the hole patterns are not always the same

try the new 3v motors

My riptide had these trucks. Broke two hangers before replacing with Ecaliber trucks. You can change pulleys (bolt on only) BUT there is zero motor adjustment. So finding the right combo of motor and wheel pulleys to fit a belt perfectly isn’t easy.

I see, I will just go with this kit then and purchase another mount and pulley setup with some motors.

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Good choice.

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@dickyho how come you dont offer a dual pulley kit like this one except with dual belt setup?

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He does.

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oh snap. shop-2.0!

Wth, why is the dual kit $288, when the single kit is $66??

Markup for a pre-assembled kit? I do not know. I ended up buying things seperately

not sure why its listed at $288, that kit is $66 dollars if you message him (and is what he advertised on the forum a little while back).

@pundahh it’s $66 for the single kit

It’s $66 USD for this exact kit if you message dickyho. I’ve bought it.

It’s a bit cheaper since it has the plastic, non removable pulleys instead of aluminum ones as seen in the single kit. Also by messaging dickyho he waives the ebay fees which also brings the price down.

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Ohhh snap!

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From personal experience I would buy everything separately, and put it together yourself. Also the paris style trucks are not the best for esk8 I would buy dickys caliber mounts and buy a caliber style truck. I had the paris ones and had an issue with them slipping. Also have the caliber style, no issues at all

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