Ebay motors | legit?

hello, I was browsing ebay for motors, and I wondered what experience you have with motors from ebay?

I found this motor: https://www.ebay.com/itm/200KV-6384-High-Efficiency-Brushless-Motor-For-Electric-Skateboard-Longboard/362685971316?hash=item5471c4bb74:g:kvUAAOSwsixcpfQs

Give me your thought on it :smiley:

Don’t know about that one but @dickyho is reputable seller here https://ebay.com/usr/eboard-shop https://ebay.com/usr/dickyho2015

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The @dickyho one @Grozniy mentioned are awesome. I beat them up everyday and there still thriving.

@yelnats8j pretty sure there are many models of each made by different factories, I had a 6374 same black look as @dickyho that i got off of a different seller but pretty sure it was made by different manufacture, it only lasted 4 miles and all the magnets broke loose…

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