Eboards for rent. Eboard rentals in the Netherlands

Hello there,

I’ve just started renting out my electric skateboards. So you can try an electric skateboard without spending hundreds of euro’s. This way I’m hoping to expand the esk8 community in the Netherlands.

Visit my site https://www.rent-eboard.com



Nice initiative! Always good to see more people offering ways to try out ESK8. Just a heads up, fines and seizures are happening a lot. See a map with recent incidents here: https://legaalrijden.nl/blog/boete-gehad-voor-een-elektrische-step-of-skateboard/

Thanks for the heads up, genuinly didn’t know seizures were really taking place, even in the streets where I ride.

I will inform my future clients

Fyi its difficult to read your site on an android tablet (chrome browser). Everything is really large. Maybe worth checking out! Voor de rest: welkom!

(edit: only board is a teemo?)

Thank you for the feedback, I will look into the chrome problem immediately. And I’ve just started out. I’m gonna grow the number of boards dynamically based on the amount of requests I get.

(edit: chrome problem is solved)