Eboosted 12s4p Vanguard Enclosure

I have been planning on doing a vanguard build for a while, and now I am finally doing it. I plan on using @Eboosted 12s4 enclosure with a diyeboard 10s5p battery pack. I was looking at the images of the enclosure, and it seems that the width of the enclosure is 5.5 inches, or 150mm, but it was hard to tell. I think the pack should fit, but I am not completly sure. Does anyone have these measurements? Thanks.

Did you ask Alan?

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i left a message on his website but he has not responded yet

Hello Jake, the 12s4p vanguard enclosure will only hold custom 12s4p battery, I never tried to fit a 10s5p battery from DIYeboard but I won’t be able to guarantee that.

This is the correct layout to fit a 12s4p

The diyeboards battery won’t fit, I am sure, I have both. The enclosure is really slim and will only fit a custom battery stacked but staggered.


@Jasonkimberson I’m somewhat confused about the custom staggered part…why must it be staggered, is it because of the slanted side on the left side of your picture? Also it seems that the diyeboards battery pack would fit the 12s4p enclosure if only it was about 20mm shorter, how is the 30q pack shorter than the diyeboard pack? Jason told me that the bms is actually mounted on the side of the pack.

Diyeboard batteries have custom bms pcb’s along the sides of the pack. They are as high and long as the 18650 dimensions for a double stacked 50 cell pack and just a little wider.

  • Battery Dimensions = 165mm length * 134mm width * 52mm thickness ask alan to check these dimensions against his set up.

I’m planning to use such a setup with a double stacked 18650 setup. However I will also be incorporating 1 or 2 layers of 3mm rubber gasket

It has worked reasonably well for another build that i’ve completed.

I personally like the diy 5p unit. For the price It works and gives good range. Nothing like an equivalent 30q but good none the less. Simple and easy to use too.

That’s how the diyeboard pack looks on the inside. 20180616_091603 20180616_091609

not going to lie, but that looks fucking disgusting. (I know nothing about actually making lion packs btw)


I have 3 diye batteries 2 10s 3p and the 5p. The 3p have the bms built along the side and I assumed the 5p would be the same. Haven’t opened it though…my bad. That looks pretty amateur though and the 3p’s I have are far more professionally built than that. They’re the only ones I’ve opened though.

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You’re not wrong that is shithouse. I’m going to check mine out as soon as I can. As I said the 3p are all really well put together with separation protection etc etc. Thats the only reason I went and got the 5p. Trust with batteries is everything but wow. @goldrabe is that an old version?

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I bought this one exactly one year ago. The battery was completely covered with fishpaper, i had to pull this stuff off and the battery has water damage, sso please take this into account. Since this pack has the same cells than the 40$ hoover board 10S2P packs you can get on ebay, my guess is that those are dead stock sold cheaply after the hoover board disaster. The 10S3P pack seems to be new and build for e-skate. But it’s just a guess, so take it with a grain of salt!

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Hey this is what a diyeboards 10s5p looks like in a brand new eboosted 12s4p enclosure.

Hope this helps…image image image image

It might work if you get like a 1/2 inch gasket or something. The last picture shows that it sticks out a lot

How it really should look on a board when you actually stack only two rows slanted together in the eboosted enclosure runnin 12s4p. Notice now slim the setup is, less chance for scrapping


To be fair, and meepo Sanyo battery will fit no problem in a eboosted 10s4p enclosure

Oh I get it thanks man, when they are staggered the pack is shorter…:thinking:

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You are correct.

Question. What is the maximum amount of batteries said enclosure can hold? And I’m talking just batteries and wiring for batteries. No bms. Custom config.

I think 40 for 10s4p by then maybe if you staggered another 2 packs of 1s4p in from where the bms goes


Not sure if staggered is the right word but they are slightly slanted making them less tall

I’m currently working on a specific vanguard enclosure for taller packs, it’s 8mm more than the regular 10s4p vanguard. I’ll have it ready tomorrow.