Eboosted falcon evo 36" enclosure

Hello everyone, i received an enclosure from @Eboosted and they sent the wrong one . anyone interested in an evo 36" fiberglass enclosure . its brand new no holes or anything what so ever . I paid 170USD including 45USD for the shipping . Make an offer let me know. all pictures can be found here :https://www.eboardsperu.com/product/landyachtz-evo-falcon-enclosure/

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The link you provided clearly says its $125… What makes yours so special lol?

I live in Canada so 45 USD for shipping. again OPEN TO OFFERS.


Might add that in the op so people would be aware

good idea thanks dude .

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Ahhhh, I want it so badly but shipping would be a pain

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maybe we could figure something out where are you located.

umm okay?..

It’s going to be really hard to ship it, it’ll be over 49$ and I might as well just get a psychotiller since he is an hour away

Sry it’s a trade deal between me a @J0ker3366

are you still interested ? if yes i could probably pay shipping

Sorry man, I can’t spend more then 100 on an enclosure, not trying to break my bank again

Is it USD?

I’m not in dire need, I kinda stoped building so there really is no need for an enclosure

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so you want it ? i cound give it to you for 100USD

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Dude, I really can’t man, I’m sorry. just do a price bump and I’m sure someone else would want it

100 USD for this is a good price, considered its brand new. This would get swooped up easily. Maybe you can get a mod to change the category to ‘New items for sale’ instead of used. Pictures would help greatly too

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Done :upside_down_face::grin:


If its not sold I’m still interested located in Alberta!

Im over in Montreal, send me a PM if your still interested .