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190Kv sensorless, silicon wires.

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Each? Or for both?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: also are you us or eu?

For both and he is in Montreal.


Yes like he said above

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I might be down to buy these for my dual focs, what size are the bullet connectors?

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They are 5.5mm

Yeah im out i was hoping they were 8mm, seems to be decent deal if you can save on postage.

8 mm is way overkill , even 5.5mm can take more that enough amps.

Check the price of these motors online

My focs have 8mm bullets is why i needed it. I looked online and found this motor for at least 105.00 so i hope they get bought up bro

Where do you live?,…i will check this week how much shipping would be

8mm? Weird, mine are 3.5mm

5.5 is what is most common

You know i really feel dumb for mixing up my sizes youre right it is 5.5mm sorry for the confusion

No problem

You never told me where u lived for me to. Verify shipping cost ??

Oh me! Im in colorado i dont have the money for these rn i was just inquiring about them.:sweat_smile:

… ok then

Let me know if your interested ?

TBH I am not sure they are what I’d need, my Focs use a 3.5mm connector. I could put on some 3.5mm myself but I might go for some Turnigy 149kvs

Swaping connectors on either is easy and cheap,…most builds use 190 KV .

These are perfect for a rear double !

Ask around on the forum and you will see.

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