EFX2 - Globe - The Maiden | Caliber II 50| ESC FVT 120A 6S| LiPo 8Ah 6S

Another upgrade, changing FVT 6S to FVT 12S Dual.


Oh damn plz let me Kno how that sleeping lion works out I’ve been eyeing one for a lil while.

In the longboard I do not have Sleep Lion, just a new dual ESC. This is quite a new product, for 2 days I have driven 40km (too early on reliable evaluation) but it works perfectly. The motors work exceptionally smoothly, the brakes are excellent.

ESC has a small startup delay, but during the ride the acceleration is okay.

So did u just use a sleeping lion cover cause on pic 2 it looks like a sleeping in lion cover thru the enclosure

Wow! Nice build! Love your enclosures…

@darkkevind Thank you. I want to share the enclosures project at www.thingiverse.com

You will be able to print them :slight_smile:


Hi, could you share the sleeping lion dual enclosure please ? I have same ESC :smiley: Thank you

No problem Tomorrow I will share stl file at www.thingiverse.com

Hi @Idea, did you put it ? I didn’t find it :slight_smile: Thank you

@Whitehawk I’m sorry, I did not have time, I’m on vacation. I’m back in the weekend

@Idea I’m waiting your file to finish my board :stuck_out_tongue: Tell me when you put it on thingiverse :wink: Hope you had nice vacation !


The project is made available

Thank you Idea !! :slight_smile:

Hi @Idea

Which firmware are you running on your dual sleeping lion ? I’m not verry happy with my brakes :confused:

Have a nice day

@Whitehawk I can not check the firmware version since. I have no computer with me, I went on vacation, I’m back in 2 weeks.

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