EFX3 - Trampa holypro 35 | ESC FVT 120A | Tunigy SK3 6374 149kV | LiPo 16Ah 8S

Some pretty exciting developments here - nice work @Idea!

Hey, is this the same ‘Sleeping Lion’ you have:



This is the firmware for this ESC :slight_smile: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Newarrival-brushless-DC-motor-electronic-skateboard_60449510282.html

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On the left Dual 120A 12S - New ESC from Favorite Electronics

Not yet available for sale

If he passes the tests, he will use it in Street Carver :slight_smile:


Please keep the updates coming You have my attention!

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Twin motor setup esc! I’m interested! When can we read some test results?


@Ronny_CTS Here are the test results :slight_smile:

ESC worked only a few seconds :rage:

But there is also good news. New firmware “120A_SkateBoard_quickStart_170426” for Sleep Lion works perfectly. Has a fast start, good acceleration, effective brakes.


Works only a few sec? then fried? OMG~~

@Idea so do you know what fried?

For how long have they been available (dual ones?)

… Did you buy it or do you have some sort of collaboration with the manufacturer now for testing it?

@Idea singles version is better then duo esc version?

@Okami In theory I am a beta tester. But I have no benefit from it, I buy every ESC.

The Dual ESC I bought was one of the first copies.

In my opinion, Favorite Electronics has good ESC but they have quality control problems. The advantage is that they want to improve their products.

@benwong It’s too early to say anything about dual ESC

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Hey @Idea

I’m thinking about buying one of the sleeping lion escs because of the great price. I watched your video and am kinda discouraged now that it blew up after a few seconds. What about the single motor one does that work fine?


I tested again yesterday the double ESC, and ESC still works I am very surprised because I did not fix it, but the transistor looks bad

Below the video from yesterday’s test

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huh? heal by itself? good to hear that. but i going to order fvt 120a for my trampa.

yeh man they are great.

What motors are you using in the dual setup on the longboard?

SK3 6354 260kV

Nice, it looks like I’m doing a very similar build to yours. Do you have another thread dedicated to that build so I don’t hijack this one?

If not, could you give me a quick run down of what went into it, I’m brand new to the esk8 diy world so really trying to play it safe. Thanks


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Hey @Idea I just saw this post and I had a look on eBay for one of those same escs. I wasn’t able to find one. But I did find a turnigy Kforce esc. These look very similar almost identical. Would you be able to confirm this. Also I have heard that Torqueboards 12s esc is a turnigy Kforce esc with a new case and firmware, if this is true do you know where I could get the torqueboards firmware? Thanks in advance