EFX3 - Trampa holypro 35 | ESC FVT 120A | Tunigy SK3 6374 149kV | LiPo 16Ah 8S


My name is Tom, I live in Poland and I like to design and build various inventions. :slight_smile: I would like to present your project Mountainboard with electric drive. My English is poor, so I’ll write a little, but instead will be a lot of pictures.

Components: 35 ° HOLY PRO Trampa deck Vertigo trucks, wheels SUPERSTAR 2x Turnigy Sk3 6374 149kV 2x FVT 120A 12S 2x belt transmission HTD5M 15/60 LiPo Zippy Flightmax 16Ah 8S Box for Lipo B&W type 500

Box for ESC made from PLA on a 3D printer Pulleys made from ABS+ on a 3D printer Motor mounts sets made of stainless steel and PETG

Technical parameters: The maximum speed of 38km/h Range up to 22km

This is a new project (previously I built a few longboards). I drove the distance about 200km, everything works perfectly.

Previous version of the motors holder


Haha, as soon as I saw the board leaning on that brick wall I knew who you were. Awesome 3d print designs by the way. Great build!

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Cool looking board… hate to say but I think your mount somewhat competes with the E-toxx mounts, in terms of looks and general construction…

I really like that ‘‘roll cage’’ look on this mount… Im not sure how durable that PTGE is… but I assume it is quite strong… :slight_smile:

It is similar, but a different design and construction. In addition, I used different materials and different processing technology than E-toxx. My motor holder is made of stainless steel laser-cut and cross bar made of PETG printed on a 3D printer. My solution is a low-budget :slight_smile: Motor Holder made exclusively from PETG is not as durable as hybrid PETG and stainless steel.

The next version of the motor holder will be even more durable, PETG will be even less


You are the 3D-printer genius my friend. This looks absolutely amazing. Don’t stop


I think you could 100% start selling these mounts at some point in time! They look awesome… so if u have a couple of 3d printers in your workshop… to keep busy all day printing motor brackets / braces… then go on! :smiley:

Can you tell a bit more (with website links perhaps? ) about this PETG ?

This is what I found so far:

PETG filament has the reputation of combining the benefits of ABS (stronger, temperature resistant, more durable) and PLA (easy to print) in one material. The layer adhesion is usually excellent. You can expect less trouble with warping or shrinking of your prints. Source: https://all3dp.com/petg-filament-3d-printing/

So, I assume it is somewhere in between PLA (weaker) and ABS (stronger) - in terms of strongness / durability.

Im also interested - what thickness of steel you have for the motor plate ? Im asking because Im having about the same thickness steel plate but I have not seen with my eyes… does it bend or not… perhaps you can comment on this…

If you dont understand some part of what im saying / asking, then you can tell! I will try to write the words in more simple way.


It is stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm. It is very rigid, hard to bend it. Petg is a material highly resistant to impact. With PET perform are bottles of carbonated drinks. PETG IS stronger than PLA or ABS, more like Nylon

Stainless steel and PETG I use for several months also motorholder for longboard.

Soon I will explain also my last project to build a longboard

My tests PETG https://youtu.be/iAwAGcoIpsU https://youtu.be/vnAVxOPgE-g


Really love your design. Have been an eye on your design since endless-sphere.com nice work man.

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Fun in the forest :grin:

In difficult terrain Mountainboard distance traveled only 17 km


You need to make some cool mud guards! IF they were not expensive when printed… or you could sell the desings later, perhaps there would be some ppl who would be interested to get these…

You mean shield on wheels?

Mud guards / fenders. Similar like bicycles have!

They should be mountable on the axles… and not be in the way for the board when you turn…

This is not very nice looking but I think you will get the idea… just need to mount them on an axle:

I think your clothes probably got dirty too… at least mine gets… when riding in wet conditions :smiley:

That’s really good idea, I think it would work great in central-European climate. Only problem in making those fenders universal would be that there are different kind of drivetrains out there and it would have to be mounted from threaded end of the axle.

Mh what’s your idea about the place where to mount them?

In my opinion they should be mounted similar like motor’s ar mounted… I do agree, though, that for the drive wheel / s it is going to be harder to mount them… unless the fender is mounted to the motor mount itself in a way.

If “drop in” universal solution would be a priority I would see this as a monolithic piece with washer shaped mounting sufrace, that would go on the axle, between nut and outer bearing then it would go up as a solid or lightened triangle shaped sideplate, it would protrude from outer side of the wheel to make clereance for inner tube valve (mounting washer part would be a vertex of this triangle), and then this sideplate would curve over wheel on top, to create a fender. I hope I wrote my idea clear enough.

Great work! :+1:You can really tell that you spent some time on the design!

@squad Got your idea about the mounting point. That does seem convenient to mount directly on axle…

I think we should sketch something up and come to some sort of design.for others to implement, try out or test…

Sort of like open source mountainboard fender project - design :smiley:

– I’d like to ride in wet road conditions but it is annoying that the feet get really wet, especially the front sides as they are sticking outside of board a little…

I can imagine that it would be possible to protect just the feet… with some sort of guards… but that would not solve the problem of water splashing everywhere else…if the protection / guards is for feet only.

From what you said I can imagine something like this:

Of course it is a rather crude example as it is hard to make the curve in 2d workspace, but I hope that I got the mounting idea correct… The curve and bend around the wheel could be modified / adjusted as needed.


Hey @Idea

Nice that you stepped to this forum too. Liked your stuff already on ES.

Best 3D Parts ever seen. Also now improved in combination with the stainless steel parts. Really Nice Mate.

Thank you @Kaly, @JLabs and @Nowind

Fenders would be useful, but the thought I have an association with the lunar rover :slight_smile:

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