EFX3 - Trampa holypro 35 | ESC FVT 120A | Tunigy SK3 6374 149kV | LiPo 16Ah 8S

I agree about the look similar to lunar vehicle. Im sure that with some time spent designing and 3d printing it could be made into something good looking.

The first versions will of course look crude and not so attractive but the idea would be to use the fenders only when it is wet.


That’s exactly what I thought about, easy to mount and would work with all kind of drivetrains. I’m not convinced by the look of it myself :smile: but maybe it’s worth giving it a shot

@squad I think with 3d printing it should be possible to make it good looking!

Could be something like this:

Shark / arrow looking sort of :slight_smile:

On the technical side of things - I wonder will it be enough to hold the fender just in with one mount point - wont the vibration be strong enough to shake the fender around too much… though, only real life prototype / fender can probably prove how it would work…

Inspiration taken from this:

Too many pics, I know, but this could also work ok (if made with hands):

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Nice all-around work. Like your designs and use of 3D printer.

How the the PETG drive wheel Pulley holding up? Also are you using the sensored FVT 120a or the sensor less 120a?

Again great build! I looked this over about 20 times in amazement!

The pulleys are made of ABS+ After driving 240 km consumption is low. I’m surprised, because the belt transmission operates in harsh environments.

I use FVT 120A 12S sensorless for aircraft, firmware ported from FVT 120A 6S for the car (the old version of the firmware 150728)


I designed and printed a new pulleys for wheels Hypa. Now I can do pulleys HTD5M for wheels Trampa Superstar and Hypa

Available sizes: for wheels SuperStar 60t, 62t, 70t and 72T for wheels Hypa 62t, 70t and 72T

The width of the belt 15mm and 21mm.

In the pictures wheel pulley HTD5M 62t


Instead of the spacer ring try using stand off as spacers. Like this one

This way the pressure to tighten the wheel will be between the standoff and the aluminum hub.

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What escs and battery configuration are you using? Those are 192kv sk3’s right?

Dude, everything you’re asking about is written in the 1st post.

ops :joy: I cant read

Small upgrade :slight_smile:


New shopping FVT 120A 12S “Sleeping Lion”:grin:

Tomorrow first tests


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Not sure if this was discussed before but, why not use Vesc on MTB? Is it because of the higher heat/loading on the Vesc?

I know what you think, the older version of the firmware has very sharp brakes.

In October I discussed many hours on skype with engineer Favourite Electronics. I have ESC 120A 12S (for aircraft) and I wanted to use them in Mountainboard.

Engineer modified firmware according to my guidelines. I was a tester :slight_smile: , I checked various versions of the firmware received from the engineer Favourite Electronics.

Oct. 25 was created firmware-based Car80A120A_150728 (my favorite so I suggested his porting). Car80A120A_150728 an older firmware with ESC 120A 6S (for cars)).

Now I have excellent brakes and acceleration in my ESC 120A 12S (aircraft)

I spoke in December of Favourite Electronics and rumored new ESC for skateboard also improved brakes.


FVT supports 120A, VESC probably only 50A, For motors Mountainboard is not enough.


@BoardSportsRN I made a makeshift installation and I tested new ESC. The brakes work perfectly.


video please

Would you possibly be willing to upload your design for the motor mount so I or anyone else could 3d print something like this?

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