Eightyeightmph first esk8 | Maverick Deck | Caliber II's | Street-Wing 6374 190Kv | 97mm Flywheels | 10s1p LiPo | FOCbox hi

They’re great quality, wide and well put together - they come with quite soft bushings, I’m planning to change them just for stability at speed but with the 97mm reps the board felt brilliant.

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@HighMasterGogo started to print the enclosures tonight for the build next week :ok_hand:t2: Definitely going to be mine!

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First enclosure done :call_me_hand:t2:


Build has started, we’ve got all the components together, most the soldering done and loom is about made. We printed a pully set to check it fitted the reps and that’s now printing properly ready to bolt up. I’ve tidied up a spare motor mount with some satin black and drilled and re-tapped a chewed up thread. Short of a couple of bolts and some 3D printing we expected to be riding later today, that is until I realised the motor mount isn’t adjustable and a 270 belt is far too short. Two 320mm are being couriered next day, frustrating but can’t be helped. Pictures;


Its seems everything is conspiring against us, always the way! Longer belts were ordered for next day delivery but they’ve had a mix up so they won’t be here until tomorrow, although rain and snow would have stopped play anyway. The BMS @highmastergogo had hoped he’d rescued is toast so having to charge with a hobby charger until a new one arrives in a few days. But other than that, it’s about finished, just a few ‘training wheels’ parameters to set on the VESC until I get comfortable riding.

I’ll add some more pics and a cost breakdown once it’s finished in a week or so :call_me_hand:t2:




Pink power switch and charger port.


We’ve had a lot of fun today :smiley:


Whats with the pic of the two belts? One is without a single tooth as far as i can tell. Did you strip them all during your play time or what :smiley: ? Stylish build! Loving the remote.

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@highmastergogo having fun with an unrestricted motor!


New Street wing mount replacing the non-adjustable mount I’ve borrowed from @HighMasterGogo. This solves two issues with the rolling prototype, firstly I couldn’t get a belt small enough to not use tensioners and tensioners made the board hesitant to accelerate and brake. I’d hoped to have solved this going from a 325mm to 305mm belt but it was too tight. The board felt fantastic, it accelerated hard and stopped well but it wouldn’t coast when I came off the power and after a few minutes the belt was trash and the 36T cog melted.

Bit the bullet and sent @DavidBanner some more money but its a great bit of kit and obviously matches his motor and my Calibre II’s perfectly.

Just waiting on a new cog and 265mm belt and then back out on the road :call_me_hand:t2:

The 97mm reps are great to ride, they’re grippy, fast and roll over most debris without any issues. With the motor limited to 1000 output and crappy belt setup was comfortably getting 15-18mph. As soon as I replace the bushes and dial in the new mount and belt I’ll take it up to 2000…

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Updates? :smiley:

New mount and shorter belt fitted and totally changed how the board feels. Also finally finished installed the BMS with the help of @HighMasterGogo

Had a few issues and ultimately the board became unusable;

Firstly I had issues after riding for a while at a constant speed where I’d gradually lose power, checking the stats on the phone app it seemed the VESC was getting too hot (85-90°C) and restricting powers. I’ve since drilled hopes in the case to allow airflow as it was pretty well sealed and I assume the BMS was warming things up too much? This seems to have reduced temp down to 78-85°C, which still seems hot but didn’t trigger the power restriction. I’m not sure if my gearing is off with 97’s as I’m running 15/36T, seems plenty people have the same though, might go up to 40.

Next, it developed an intermittent issue where the motor would just instantly stop when at high speed and full acceleration. It generated a current error which I think might be an issue with software settings and will look at ASAP.

Finally, it started cutting out or had unusual throttle response until it lost connection altogether and displace no VESC detected in the app. I assume this was a connection issue having rewrapped the loom when installing the new mount. It turned out to be just that and will be testing it this weekend to see what, if any issues are still there.

On a positive the bargain Chinese USB lights are great, and some new raiser pad/mounts are being printed and I’ve bought another pair to run two front and back :ok_hand:t2:

How the ‘finished’ board looks at the moment.