Electric esk8 Wheelchair

Looking for ideas of how to convert an electric skateboard into an electric wheelchair. (badly dislocated knee)

Was considering propping the esk8’s back wheels against the ground with weight from the wheelchair, using left and right wheelchair wheel’s breaks to control turning.

Maybe setting up two remotes to individually control each back wheel in order to also control turning. In that case, I would have to forgo the wheelchair’s wheels, and use two remotes.

I could also set up a new drivetrain onto the wheels of the wheelchair, but that will require a lot of mechanical work.

Does this qualify ? :slight_smile:


oh my that looks mad fun

Wow that’s perfect. Not enough trucks to mount wheels on the side of the chair, which is a fantastic idea.

If anyone has well-used trucks to sell or donate I’d greatly appreciate it.

Are you in EU?

Boosted made a Electric sofa on Casey’s blog

Why don’t you just make a buttboard with a luge extension to hold your dislocated knee up for you…

US, I could pay for shipping

Lowering myself down is very hard. Can’t support leg.

That’s not very cheap though. If no one else in the US has a spare pair they’d be willing to part with I’ll look up the price for shipping!

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basically for the shipping he gets trucks new :slight_smile:

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What trucks you looking for? I assume caliber 2s but let me know, I have a few extras laying around.

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Any trucks work. Not mounting any motors to it or anything.

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Cool, I’ll see what I can come up with.


I can throw in these with your stuff


Wow thank you scepterr!

I’ve got 2 @psychitiller rkp trucks and a single caliber 2 10/50 (shredded the rear one). You want them? PM me your address and I’ll get them out tomorrow.

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