Electric Longboard 3d printed enclosure strengh

Hi i am building this board with a 10S5P configuration.

I need a enclosure. and i found this. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2252464

I firstly though it would not be strong enough. But then i found this https://hobbyking.com/en_us/glass-fiber-cloth-450x1000mm-48g-m2-ultra-thin.html

And my question is. If i coat the 3d print with the glass fiber. Would the build be strong enough to place under my board?

I could also use this. But its much more expensive. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/3k-carbon-fiber-and-kevlar-29-cloth-180g-m2-1mtr.html

funny, this is actualy my cover ^^ did you print it in the right orientation?

if you print it flat on the bed it wont work because you are putting all the tention on the layers.


Hi i have not printed it yet. Funny that its yours. What experiences did yo uhave with it, was it strong? and if so any tips for making it work?

if you print it like in the picture, its tough as nails. printing it flat on the bed wont work. wasted quite alot of PETG on that life lesson :smiley:

So just to make sure i see the picture correctly. Is it facing upwards? If you print it flat it wont come of right? and what material did you use? ABS?

yep, picture is right (even though its a failed print because it came of the bed).

I used PETG. ABS will probably work too. not so sure about PLA though

Great thanks. Have you tried coating it with carbonfiber? and do you know what the surface area of the models are? Like the underside and top side?

no coating or anything.

1 center piece is roughly 53x160x30mm

i made it to fit 3x these beside each other

How many km have you burnt on your board?

and how did you attach it to your board ? screw, tape, glue?

screws, thats what the screwholes are for :wink:

did like 100km so far. still kinda in the prototyping phase because i was trying to buld a printed motor mount as well which didnt went to well so i gave up on that idea.

the case however allready got a few hits and is holding up fine.

IMO fibreglass enclosure is much better, it is thinner, stronger and if you spend enought time with it, it can be more beautiful…I had an enclosure from PETG and it broke after 3 rides…

no doubt fiberglass is better, but if you print PETG right you get a pretty flexible part like this

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I agree but its just so expensive.

My fibreglass enclosure costed just like 4 dollars more than the 3d printed…

How? what is needed for making it or where to buy it. 3d print cost almost nothing for me since my school has free use of the printers

Well then the 3d printing will be cheaper…my 3D printed enclosure costed me about 30$, the glass fibre enclosure about 35$ (5 layers of 200gsm firbreglass cloth, catalyst, polyester resin, gelcoat, PVA seperator and gypsum to make the mold)

Ahh okay. What do you think of building it in a 3d printer and then coating it with this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Carbon-Fiber-3K-200g-m2-Fabric-Carbon-Yarn-0-28mm-Thick-Plain-Weave-Cloth/32309112929.html?spm=2114.13010208.99999999.262.JibQDP

with epoxy resin

So the enclosure would have 2 layers? It is certainly possible but it just doesnt make a sense for me…why would you make that, when you can put 2 more layers and have much better carbon fibre enclosure? If you want it to be cheap, then use just he 3d printed, adding carbon fibre will add costs…if you want a nice carbon fibre finish, than buy thinner fabric or the lookalike stickers, if you want an enclosure that will last, use just carbon fibre (you can make mold with a 3D printer)

using both material makes no sense to me, because making a carbon fibre enclosure wont be more expensive…

The idea was to make the enclosure with ABS 3d print. Then coat it in carbon fiber on both sides sealing it off completly. My worry is that with just 3dprint the middle could crack do to the flexibility of the board. But it wont with carbon fiber.

Im interested in the idea of only using carbon fiber. How did you accheive that? and what is needed?