Electric longboard // Beginner

Hey guys, a few days ago I came out with an idea to build electric longboard. I was looking for building tutorials and after almost 11 hours I’ve chosen those parts. Is it going to work? Is there any possibility to check how many km (or miles) could I ride on this board? I already have longboard (Madrid cutout 2). My budget is something around 250$. I am going to use this board for casual riding, nothing extreme. It doesn’t have to be splash resistant but it would be good if i could cheaply make board splash resistant . As long as anti sparks aren’t to expensive, I may buy one.


You could plug in the values of your parts in here: http://calc.esk8.today/ that should give you the top speed and max range. I suggest using the search function to look up diagrams of how you will wire everything up but you have the fundamental components down I believe.

Also try putting up a build log so others can understand what you’re trying to achieve with your build and they can more easily suggest things to get what you’re looking for out of it.

What is build log?

Make a post about your build, kind of what you did here but in greater detail. Explain what kind of board do you want to build. Where do you plan on riding, is it going to be for a commute or for fun casual use.

lay down the parts of the build. I noticed you didn’t list any deck as well. Also indicate your budget range and features you would like to have such as an anti-spark switch or a voltage meter of having it splash/water resistant. Things like that

A build log is a section on this forum with other users boards they made. Most identify parts and stuff to help others decide if that’s the type of board they want to build.

Pretty good build together. Problem is those diyeboard trucks are becoming known for snapping and causing injury at speed. And they make you pay postage for a replacement to sweeten it

any replacement for let’s say 150$? I’d prefer not to buy motor separately. I already have trucks and wheels but I don’t think wheels would support motor https://imgur.com/a/0DCJqY4

Those trucks are going to be hard to mount a motor on. Since the are circular on the hangar, the mounts won’t have much purchase and will just spin around once any bit of torque is applied.

For $250 you are going to have a tough time building your own board IMO.

Good luck!

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I think that I’ll stick with diyeboard trucks. (My budget is so low because I’m a 7th classmate)

Hi man, Welcome to the DIY world. I see your point of stay low in budget for your first board. We all have done this step and then with the time you will decide what to upgrade. Although I think 250$ if you need almost everything is not gonna work out, you need to raise it a bit. Otherwise you might be able to do something that will satisfy you for max two months and you will end it up by spending more because you have to adapt things or replace it. To me you have two options. Going full DIY and then do it your proper research and like the others said, make a build log and post your parts list. You will receive advice from this community. You won’t be let alone, the people around here are great! Or if you want still be able to use your deck but do something nice and fast by one of the kit from ownboard, Meepo, DIYEboard… They are all really similar, except DIYEboard offers also belt drive. Be aware that indeed more truck issues are happening now more than ever, probably trying to make it more profit. Anyhow I would suggest to save some money until you have a 400$ budget. Just my two cents :wink:


ok, let’s say that i have 400$ (I can spend 400$ if it’s really gonna worth it), what do you recommend?

It’s not that easy. Depends what are you looking for. Commute board or sporadic ride for fun. What range are you looking for? Power? Weight? You don’t need to know the parts but what you want. We will then advice you about it :wink:

More like for fun, It’d great if it would have more than 12km of range (7.5 miles). Power? I don’t know, but I’d like to ride on it at least 26 km/h. I’m 188cm and I weight 70kg. Weight of the board is not such a big deal for me

ok fortunatelly these are not impossible specs so it’s feasible. Do you like more belt drive (like Evolve or Boosted Board) or direct drive (Raptor2, Meepo ecc…)? THe first one have the motor outside and other inside the wheels. You can find a lot of builds on the forum for inspiration.

I think belt drive because you can change wheels and I like the look of it

You can change sleeves on hub motors. Since you already have a board it would be much cheaper to buy one hub motor and use a diyeboard ESC with it. To go 26km/hr you might need more series groups eg 8s or 9s

Then the kit options are limited to almost DIY eboard only. Anyhow I would then recommend to build a single belt drive motor in order to stay cheaper but still good quality. I will put a bit of prices below of thing that you can find in different options, so you will which budget to aspect. Moreover find the parts on the used items on the forum will get you better parts for cheaper price, so starts to look at it! Deck: The one you have or a blank deck or good offer for 60 Euro Trucks: Caliber trucks 60Euro o clones for 30$ Wheels: Clones for 40Euro or original from 130 Euro to a lot! Motor: I would say at least 6355 to have fun. You can find good one for 55-90Euro, TorqueBoards, Maytech, HobbyKing, Flipsky ecc… Pulley kit: cheap 16/36 or similar around 10Euro from ebay… VESC: I think the cheapest good quality is the Flipsky 50A for around 60Euro Motor Mount: Can be really expensive but this guy sell them for an amazing price, didn’t follow the reviews though https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-designed-a-motor-mount-for-sale-looking-for-review/59212 Belts: From Ali or similar market really cheap 5-10Euro Battery: Here for your range almost everything above 5000 will do the job. I suggest LiIon if you are not use to charge LiPo battery. You can build your own battery, buy a premade one or let someone make it for you. Ownboard sells a 10s2p 30Q Samsung battery (The cells most used in Esk8 at the moment). This guy is selling a 10s2p 30Q pach at a price I have never seen before, so I would actually think about it https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-new-turnigy-sk8-6354-200-kv-used-racerstar-5065-200-kv-turnigy-sk3-260-kv-8s-charger-pulleys-10s2p-samsung-30q/65452/4 90Euro is nothing. Only the cells are around 80 Euro! Of course also a 8s battery will work, but the lower you go the less power. The same for the p value. The lower the less range. I would stay on a 8s3p or 10s2p at leas for Liion. Remote: Strong signal remote for 30-40 Euro Cables and connectors: 20-40 Euro.

TIME :laughing: Do the math… I hope I didn’t forget anything

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Thank you a lot, in freetime I’ll definitely check everything out.

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That battery is underpowered. You will get bored really soon. I recommend you to buy a used board or used parts to make your own build. Shippings will waste your budget so do not buy from many different sellers.

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Hey, after some research i’ve collected those parts. Only things that are missing are pulley kit and belts. Could you send me links to them? (relatively cheap), and i’d like to buy them from hobbyking/aliexpress because there is free shipping to poland (li-po charger I’ll buy in poland)