Electric Longboard City Share

Bike share in cities is very popular and profitable. Can similar if not better success be recreated, but with electric longboards? Let me know what you think.

My thoughts: There are problems that shared electric longboards would have over bikes. 1) More dangerous because of water/rain making it slippery, most people haven’t ridden an eboard before, unlike a bike 2)Locking/Security 3)Charging 4)Maintenance 5)Remote gets lost However, the advantages might overshadow the disadvantages. 1) No more pedaling 2) Portable 3) Fun 4) Small amount of space taken up on sidewalks compared to bikes 5) Look cooler than on a bike Side note: Are there any electric bike shares and how successful are they?

In our country these e-bike rents cost way too much… u can basically rent a car for about the same price… which kind of drags down the fun of portability and electric power…

I wish someone implemented this! (Eboard rent / share system!)

Good point about the remotes… a wired one could be better in this solution it seems…

We have some E-Bike rentals here, they are affordable and work well. And we habe some Segway rentals. I think the main problem here is that Eboards are illegal here.

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@plongboard I think it’s a fun concept. The major limitation I envision is that not very many people know how to ride a skateboard, and even fewer could safely pilot an esk8. The learning curve is pretty high if you look outside our forum population and in the skating communities. A lot of people in the world know how to ride a bike, not so with skateboards.

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good point, I totally agree

I think the first ones to go would be ‘‘fun rides’’… like you see in attraction parks - ‘‘baggies’’ / carts with pedals, electric cars for small children etc…(for the use of eboards in ‘‘recreational vehicle’’ rent sector)

E-scooter, I think, is a more viable option (for commuting / renting / share system)…

As, unfortunately it rides more similar to bike and has less of an balance (stability) issues,…

what about battery hire ? Take your own board and pick up a charged cell at the airport ! Opens it up to too many legals though, someone will then want to register each battery in use.

See I ain’t the only crazy person to have this idea @longhairedboy lol

We can call it L-uber lol