Electric Penny Nickel 27 | 20km range | Tackles persistent hills

Hi all,

Planning my first build after being inspired by all the builds here!

Basic plan is to electrify my Penny Nickel board for around $500 usd. My key requirements are:

  • 20kms+ range
  • Needs to be able to climb a long 5-10% grade hill on the way home.

Currently thinking of this setup:

  • DIY electric skateboard single hub motor kit
  • 4 x 3s 5000mah batteries
  • vesc

Do you think that’ll give me what I’m after?

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12s 5000mah looks good for 20km.

Go for a 149kv SK3, great torque for climbing hills.

good combo with 12s + proper gearing.

vesc is :thumbsup:

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Thanks for reply link5505.

Was thinking hubs for coasting ability and clean install. Do you think they won’t have the torque required?

Depending on the kv of the hubs, they should be fine for 5-10%

DIY has 75kv hub motors. I think dual hubs would be much better …

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Was gonna go for the 130KV ones.


With batteries, was gonna put in series and parallel so I get 10000mah and 6s. This config will give me the best range right?

We should have the 90mm wheels in black hopefully soon. Sometime this month.

6S5ah should get you about 5-7 miles on avg. 12s 5ah or 6s 10ah should be 10-15 mile range.

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sorta. It only gives you more range because you’re limiting the amount of energy going towards a higher top speed. You can wire it in series and get the same range as parallel assuming you only run it at half throttle. It’s all about the watt/hour capacity of the battery and how quickly you’re draining it with speed/hills.

Makes sense. Thanks