Electric Penny with a toolbox

Just for fun, I try to put the VESC and the batteries in a toolbox, then the cable is connected to a motor under the deck :grinning:



Very smart but simple idea, of course with some obvious caveats. You could try with a hub motor, a prettier cable, and all the electronics built into a normal school backpack. Voila the new lightest eboard.


@miquelcamps Thats actually pretty cool. I was considering making a penny esk8 but I gave up when I realized it was nearly impossible placing all the components under the board. I even considered hub motors and I think it can be possible especially with vescs. Your solution is genius though. kudos to you.

versión 2 without the toolbox

the cable outside the box is connected to a switch for turning on the vesc without opening the box.

i tried to ride it, the first time i put one foot on the tail and i broke my ass, too much power for this tiny thing :joy:


If you flip the motor mount so that the motor is on the back of the board then you can rotate the enclosure 90 degrees and it would look heaps better!

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Nice idea! Thank you

version 3

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But does it turn correctly now? Truck is mounted backwards :slight_smile:

Looks great now, definitely flip just the mount and not the whole truck :slight_smile:

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Oh sh… you are right!

@chinzw my problem now is that I put a lot of threadlocker and I can’t dismount the motor mount :disappointed_relieved:

blue or red? red = no no, unless you are 100% sure you wont need to remove it, blue = removable. In either case, you can heat up the part, if you have a heat gun use that, if not just remove any non metal part and stick is in the oven. Also, impact driver helps remove stuck bolts, but if you don’t have one you can use the allen wrench and tap if with a hammer, then use something to get more leverage on that little allen wrench (tube, round wrench, etc)

For future reference, a drop of loctite is enough.

Isn’t the hangar reversible? Remove from pivot cup and reverse it that way.

I don’t believe they are.

This is wild! I love it :slight_smile:

Heat up the bolt …it should loosen

bruhhh replace the toolbox handle with the remote shaft

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Is this an Enertion motor mount? If yes, it doesn’t fit the other way round, it only fits with the motor going forward (when the trucks are mounted correctly :slight_smile: )

nice idea otherwise!