Electric question

Hi I need to understand something My battery is 12s7p 30Q I have my vesc set up for battery max at 50 each one this mean 100A total How many A are going to my cable when I gun my remote and how many A my nickel strips get it Thank you

It really depends on the weight and hill grade gearing etc. 30q rated 15a cont so 105amp is ur safe batt max. u need vesc monitor app with the bt module to find out really.

Ok but like my cable is the 10awg they can’t take 100A

sure they can. at 12s more than enough. 12 gage hold more than 100amp at 10s

10AWG can definitely handle 100a for a few seconds. cruising current for most of us is about 5a

Ooo ok cool And my nickel strips are 0.20 X 8 This is good to I just want to make sure I use this board for like 300miles Already

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