Electric Skateboard 10S5P 11AH Battery & ESC & Power Truck Kit

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Features Easy set up with your own built, plug in and off connectors, easy disassemble the kit and put them back again. Smart battery voltage indicator and power on/off switch. Provide top speeds up to 40 kph(25 mph) with strong linear acceleration and braking. LG 10S5P 36V 11Ah battery pack extends the driving range up to 35-50 km. 2-3 hours charge time, Ergonomic 2.4G remote controlling driving modes (speed/energy saving) and direction. Components Included: (1) ESC Speed Controller mounted in the battery enclosure( Dual HUB Motors ESC Speed Control ) (1) Battery Pack – LG 36V with 10S5P 11Ah 50cells, with BMS built-in the pack. (1) ESC & Battery 2 in 1 Enclosure with Wiring, power on/off switch, battery indicator (1) 2.4G Remote Controller, already paired to the ESC mounted in the enclosure. (1) 10S 42V 2A Battery Charger (2) Dual 8352mm HUB Motor Mounted on Power Truck (Black/Red, 75KV, 45OW/Motor) (2) 83mm52mm 78a Longboard Wheels (Available Colors: Black/Red) Mounted on 7’’ Non-power Front Truck (Black) (1) Hardwares set(bolts used to fix to the deck) (1) Skateboard T Tool Diyeboard’s Youtube Video Channel 2017-10-08


Coaxial single motor electric skateboard, one axle coaxial rotation

dual hub motor electric skateboard quite no noises riding HD

electric skateboard climbing big inclines

electric skateboard climbing test, dual hubs HD

6’’ Airless AT wheels quick release wheel change to 83mm pu wheels

city off road AT electric skateboard riding video


36’’ Dual Motor 6’’ Wheels All terrian Electric Skateboard

AT BOARD QC riding test from manufacturing line

QC Test for the Electric Skateboard Battery & ESC Power Kit 10S5P 11AH

QC TEST FOR Electric Skateboard Battery & ESC Power Kit 10S5P 11AH

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seems like a nice budged kit. But i would suggest using an other remote, like the Mini. This Nano remote (Winning) is known for its dropouts or freakouts.

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this is a winning improved version, we updated the pcb and built-in the receiver on the esc pcb board, tested and used for over a year no signal dropout and freakouts, wining is our partner, we use their remote mold and remade the bew version.

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If need Dual Belt Drive Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit, you can order the two kits below: http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-belt-drive-1400w2-n5055-motor-power-truckfront-truck-kit-p-422.html & http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-battery-esc-power-kit-10s5p-11ah-p-526.html

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I have used and tested the kit personally and it’s superb for the price. You get so much for your money. The kit makes my board go about 34km/h depending on how much battery I have left and from my experience it can climb hills that are about 20°. I have never even been close to running out of battery even though I ride pretty aggressively, so that is a bonus. Sadly I have not tested the full range but they say it is supposed to go between 35-50km. I have got to say though the battery is fantastic for the price! Definately recommended if you want a silent, fast, strong and easily put together board for a fantastic price👍 Another thing I have to say is that the shipping was super fast. I live in Sweden and i got it in only about a week which is super good compared to some other sellers.

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Hey @diyeboard can you make these with an internal width of 145mm?


no we can’t bro. the mold is done, any change will need new mold. see size here:

Think about it though, a heck of a lot of people’s DIY li-ion pack builds are flat, single layer 18650 packs and to pack enough cells in, say for 10s3p or 8s4p you put 2 cells end to end making it around 130mm (2 x 18650 (65mm x 2)) wide… a bit wider when you factor in padding, nickel and heat shrink… You wouldn’t be able to fit a very big pack in these enclosures as they are unless they’re really long… and no-one want’s that. :confused:

As it stands they’re really good enclosures, hats off to you for the modular (flexible) design, but at that width, they’re no good to a lot of people.

I’d suggest you make a bigger mould to house 2 x 18650’s end to end, you’ll sell thousands! :thumbsup:

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I’m putting together a board and am really interested in this kit, just curious though. Reading what @darkkevind is saying, I’d like a more flat battery pack also. Can the same battery pack be made with one layer of cells? Also can I purchase this kit minus the enclosure?

wow you really good at this, i will listen to you and think about it, i need to report to our boss and product manager to set up this new project of widen the enclosure. thank you for your proffessional proposal.

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What is the shortest wheelbase deck this can be used on?

No problem. When you create your first moulds, I’ll be your first customer I hope! :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that the 140-150mm width I mentioned, should be INSIDE your cut-outs for the screw holes, not to the edge wall of the enclosure.

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you can buy the kit take off the enclosure. message me if you want it i quote price for you. also this flat multiple conbination enclosure can hold esc and on the larger end. each pc hold 18650cells.

thank you again for remind me know. we will send you a free set if we success of making this workable. we will redesign it and put the drawings here for your further guidance. and if you want to buy anything from us, i give you factory cost.

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Thanks. I’ll let you know how many segments I need when the time comes :thumbsup:

Be quick though, I may just steal your design, form and sell my own :wink:


Do it and I’ll be your first customer @darkkevind. :wink: