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Electric Skateboard build HELP

I am brand new to the idea of building an electric skateboard. There aren’t many people their who give enough information about this,
I want to build an electric skateboard that will go around 15-20 miles and around 20 mph which is around 24 to 32km and 32kmh. Also need a decent amoount of torque because i do have hills in my area.
The parts I was thinking to use was:

  • Turningy SK3 192Kv motor
    -SKYRC Toro TS 150A ESC Brushless Sensored ESC for 1/8 OR Rotostar 150A
  • Hobbyking GT2B controller
    -Turningy 2x 6s li po to get 10000mAh (would that be enough for range???)
    If anyone could help me please respond.


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is this a question?

maybe start here:

we need to know your wheel size & gearing etc.

so check here also:

cheap ~
1 motor 6372 rspec enertion
1 vesc (you have to learn programming)
1 remote tx rx
1 longboard

if $€£ is not an issue ~
the skies the limit b4 you cant breath

Some people might think that “programming” means writing in code, you do not need to know any code to use the VESC.

I am using an 80mm wheel, orangtang kegel,
and the large gear will be 36tooth and the motor gear has 12 tooth,
the belt will be 5mm wide 265 mm belt.

What batteries do you recommend.

I was thinking of using a cycle route so I can travel fast, and what do you mean do you reckon I should get the nunchuck B4 instad of hobbyking gt2b.

if you’re planing on conquering several hills , 6S may have limited amount of juice . i.m using space cell 10s li ion and going up and down again and again , and multiple braking to avoid phone~clicking zombies got me about 11km estimated . also need to consider your weight and of course 2 motors are better than 1 if you’re living in hilly areas .

I see, my weight i would say is like 40kg , on the flats do you reckon one motor would struggle and also do you have VESC and what setup u gt at the moment

got to be honest… 6s is enough. I know these guys are rolling over right now but if you want to keep it cheap. 6s is fine.

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if you say 40kg , then 6s would be just fine . i was imagining you double that weight .

also 1 motor is enough for you . dont worry . once your single motor eboard is up and running , you will know if you need a second motor to power you up the hills .

forget what i said abt the nun chuck . better go get gt2b .

me ? my set up is 80% ready made . all i have to do is wire it up and place everything in its proper place and its good to go . all the measurements ; welding , all the parts are pre assembled . i ordered the full dual diagonal kit . only the 43in long deck i got from local singapore shop . wheels are 90mm diameter .

Thnks man, Appreciate it

Thanks man appreciate your help, :smile: