Electric skateboard club?

Is there any club for people with electric skateboard ? Like a bounch people meeting n just ridding the boards somewhere I live in fontana CA and I haven’t seen anyone on electric bo Ad besides me

This is the club. Our brother and sister esk8ers. Or as @longhairedboy would call it, we are a band of skatan’s little rocket-powered minions


Yup, that’s about right!


check out the esk8 map of riders to find somone near you :+1:

Also check out this:

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There’s a Meetup group here in Seattle. Might be one (or you could create one) for your area…

Seattle esk8

We are all brothers and sister in Skatan.

Hail Skatan.

Hail Esk8.

Hail heavily caffeinated corn syrup based carbonated beverage of your choosing.


All Hail Skatan. And Dr. Pepper :slight_smile:.

There’s a meetup group in SoCal on Meetup.com (there’s an app) call “OC-Boosted-Boarders” however they are a BOOSTED group…They seem to rarely meetup. They rode together two months back but I wasn’t able to join. Their ride was along the Huntington Beach area and always about 5 miles due to their battery restrictions. They charge up for lunch and do a return trip.


Im 10 mins away in Rancho Cucamonga brother. Lets ride!

Funny enough - i went to Alki on Sun to do the kickoff summer meetup ride… because i didn’t check and it was moved to this weekend - just my brother and i got a great afternoon 8.2mi ride!

See you this Sunday maybe?

i could tow all of them at once on the way back and still have enough juice to do the whole course again.



I’m hoping. There’s a problem with my remote right now that I need to figure out. If I can nail it I should be there.


what are you riding - i have a couple GT2b in badwolf enclosure as spares. can loan you one.

Thanks, but they are custom XBee remotes. I worked on them a bit the other night and definitely made some improvement, but I’ll have to go for a ride tonight or tomorrow to test. Last time the remote just died about a mile out. I suspected there was a problem so I had brought a friend on a bike who towed me back.

If I do come to the meetup I’ll bring a tow strap (dog lead) and hope someone is willing to tow me :slight_smile:


Here is a new forum dedicated to “CLUBS” or “GROUPS”


So I noticed the .club website has been down for days what’s going on with that?

@onloop @carl.1 @barajabali

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s down for good. Didn’t seem very popular anyways


It’ll be back up shortly, we’re working on it

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still down