Electric snowboard/scooter/snowmobile




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That first picture seems close to what i would want to try, seems awsome

You clearly arent the diy type… Lol. Itz the joy of building it.

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: same !!! !! ! 10char

I want an epowered snow racer!!! That looks awesome!!!

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Haha I just screamed and freaked out to all my friends at a small pregame party before the club, because I e been talking for weeks about doing a truck-turn esk8 sled. I never thought someone else would have thought of that because I own several sleds and always have, and I’m really into it. Not to be a dick, but most skaters are budget-folks haha, so I’d never in a million years believe someone thought of it first. Only difference is that mine is gonna go 45 and have a esc setting on remote for full instant torque because it’ll just skid-out like a big sled. Skis will be further apart for shredding hills, and it’s gonna have a tank-style tread on the back twin trucks with quad hub drive motors and those will be linked with a track bar that they lean together for turning, and it’ll hang way out the back with different length tunnels The skis will also have a track bar and maybe even an electronic stability damping system via control arms off a custom Truck system. So mine will be sick as fuck. I think I will prob invest about five to six grand into it cause I know it’ll be fuck as hell.

@mmaner did you 3d print those skis? Can i have the file/Thingiverse link?

Nope, I bought them on sale somewhere, no idea where I got them. Probably on ebay.


Sleds are the best dude. I have a 2015 mxz 800 summit. It’s a beast. Tons of mods.

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There’s a ton of companies that make those skis. There’s ones I found that have a little blade up the middle. Looks promissomg and maybe more rider friendly haha

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