Electric surfboards

Does “e-board” cover electric surfboards, and by the way how cool is that? The Onean version even seems affordable. Not to much DIY possible here though, I think.


Seems pretty damn awesome! Can’t wait to ride one lol.

I don’t think these would be too far out of reach for the DIYer. there is plenty of RC scale boat parts out there. I cant imagine it being much different to making a skateboard from hobby parts. (and then waterproofing it)

I’m guessing you’d probably use something like this http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__13388__CNC_Precision_Jet_Boat_Drive_X_Large.html

Holy cow, you’re right. Just saw this in the comments section for the part you linked to :

“I am building a mini jet surf for my kid and useing a brushless motor from PMB model boats and planed to use this jetpump… I see there are more people with almost same ide, my issue is how I can get a mechanical speed control for a brushless system?? I think there is lots of sulotions for this and are greatfull for any advice. Thanks in advance”

You need to use a servo tester. You wire a mechanical throttle to that, and then to your esc.

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RC boat parts and fiberglassing. That’s all you need. If I wasn’t already so invested in electric skateboards I would totally have an electric surfboard already. There’s way more room in the core of a surfboard for batteries and things so you could really get some decent performance and range. Because of this, I think electric skateboards may actually be more of an engineering challenge.

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I just checked out EndlessSphere… Didn’t know there was a fledgling DIY community around electric jetsurfs as well. Looks like it’s pretty difficult after all…between buoyancy, balance, etc. Aim the nozzle too high, or put the center of gravity to far aft,…bloop.


somebody in singapore wanted to sell me this HUMONGOUS 30 KILOGRAMS supposedly awesome eboard …

the owner told me that he bought it for more than $1000 singapore dollar and letting it go for only $400 . since it was HEAVY and BULKY … and JERK right at the slightest touch at trigger remote . i was thinking of HACKING and CONVERTING it into an ELECTRIC SURFBOARD , the enormous power it transferred to the wheel via belting system . since singapore is actually an island …
now … i regret i didnt buy it . yes ! a new one costs $1269 sg dollars .

all you need is a HUGE surf board , water proofing it all (electronics) . and a good reliable propeller for a self hacked SURF BOARD . aaaand its now gone . somebody snatched it from sg website Carousell .

Well, I don’t think so.

http://e-surfer.com/en = everything about electric surfboards

http://e-boarder.com/en = electric skateboards

Cheers Andreas

Anyone tried to make an electric surfboard using the maytech surfboard esc and 8085 motor?

Hi there,

I think the best source for electric surfboards are https://e-surfer.com/en/ and their forum at https://forum.e-surfer.com .

The latest hot stuff is actually electric hydrofoils which are covered by them as well.


Keep on riding …