Electric vehicle expo's in Brisbane and Noosa Australia - mass adoption coming soon!

While there are grey areas still regarding the legalities of electric boards and bikes, there is a big push within elements of the Queensland department of transport and main roads to get people out of cars, and onto public transport, or commuting via electric vehicles.

There are 2 expo’s happening in south east queensland in the coming months, One is being held at Chermside, on Brisbanes north side and is expected to get 20 000 people through, is taking place in June, not sure the exact date.

https://www.citysmart.com.au/events/move-for-less/ https://www.citysmart.com.au/events/move-for-less/

the other one is in Noosaville on the 12th of May

https://www.noosaevexpo.com/our-sponsors which enertion are attending.

I met a guy from Queensland transport a few weeks back, had a discussion about congestion in inner city Brisbane. They are working on plans to reduce the amount of cars on the road, possibly even introducing tax incentives for commuting via EV. He had never seen an eboard before so of course I took him for a ride… He fell off :frowning: Took some bark off however that did not dampen his enthusiasm for eboards.

The movement is gaining momentum, mass adoption is coming soon ! Be great if Australia could lead the world in this field.


Great news. Thanks for sharing. Wish I lived closer.

Go the Aussies! I’m really loving the Oz passion for all things electric right now. I’ve had nothing but excitment and enthusiasm from everyone I’ve passed on my boards in South Australia - police included.


Electric vehicle expo this Saturday @ Noosa. weathers great and Enertion will be there

Sounds exciting man. Any chance you can attend and take a few photos to share, and give us a run-down on the weekend?

Wish I could make it.

yeah man. I am going. going to ride my trampa build through the mix :sunglasses:.