Electrification Of Quad Scooter

I’ve just got this scooter (second hand) to possibly electrify it for my Mrs as she’s not got the balance for a deck… I’m going for a rear mounted motor connected via chain to a sprocket on one of the wheels…

Any; *advice? *Suggestions? *Things to avoid? *Suggestions? *Suggestions on where to put things?



I think everyone might need some more details lol. What size wheels, deck dimensions, entire weight, picks of the bottom if the board, etc. Looks like if the wheels come off easily and there using standardized wheel mounting like normal bearing etc, you could possibly do hubs pretty easily.

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weld it


Make a two wheel trailer to hold battery and ESC. Just have the motor on the scooter​:grin::grin::grin:


Not related but that company makes really nice boards for the price

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Ok I’ll post more pics soon as I’m done in the shed…

For starters, they’re 115mm wheels…

They’re basically standard skate wheels. They take 608’s.

hahah I remember this thing :blush: Did the same on a Oxelo Dirt Scooter for mademoiselle ! It’s even more a middle ride between the esk8 and escooter, could be really funny ! You may should let free all the deck, so put it on the back rear in case a foot would stay too much behind… The cool think is you could use a standard thumbs throttle to the vesc port and make a cool dashboard(with a mode for you cause you wanna have fun too :smile: ) For lipo I have tryed bike bag who loook cool, watterproof and could be hold on a frame so around the handlebar I guess … but they crack … and (like you I guess) I didn’t get much room under the deck (plus your should be hollow ?) so make an “ugly” box around the hb on the front to equilibrate weight. I use e-toxx 5b sprocket :rofl: 6.25:1 ratio single motor is real enought for her ! low topspeed, could endure long uphill at low speed. I test it with a 6374 170kv sensorlessvesc 4.10 seens october. I change for fox seens xmas. And I’m setting a huge Overion chain and motor 130kv sensored ! Love your project. Good continuation :v:

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Have her ride an electric scooter first. She might actually not like it and you will waste some time and money. I talk by own experience. :pensive:

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I’m thinking a bag could go round the upright of the handlebars to house the batteries and ESC, but then I worry about having really long phase wires to the motor?

I suppose I could make the front the drive wheel?

Yes it is that :wink: But as I experiment, it will crack one time !.. Yes the wires are maybe a bit longer than on my emtb but no pb at all, during this winter the v4.10 on open air could take a lot of full throttle :smile:


So it’s OK with long motor phase wires? I guess you’re not using FOC?

Yes no problem seens october ! Also ride a lot with a focbox too, same seting bldc mode 50Amps bat max , 60amps motor max, start up 0.03 with BLDTool ack 2.54. I will try foc and sensor (I try to do that tonight) but actualy I need recent fw version and I don’t know if it’s this fox or vesctool who make me crazy :laughing: but I can’t do what I want and its really tedious

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