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Electrify RKB R3 - Getting started!

Hi! I just found my old RKB R3 mountainboard. I was going to buy a Vestar mini but thought it could be more fun to electrify this board.

IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7886

Please join the better esk8 forum


You will get much better information there

@BillGordon can help you get started

Isnt this board like a Kite board? These are usually rather flexy…

First deck I got was also kite board type… 9 ply

During riding I didnt like it very much, it was a bit too flexy and soft for roads Im having around, if I went over a bump the deck would start jumping up and down and wasnt very good for stability in general.

Also I experienced something similar like when riding snowboard. If you are feet are locked tight and deck bounces up and down often, u get fatigue in your feet from the extra load the deck puts on your feet…

Not saying super stiff decks are way to go, there just needs to be some middle ground and too soft isnt good either.

As about bindings… ppl ride with them, just keep them loose in city or such, so that u can still pull your feet out, or u will fall with your board attached to your feet.

For off road setting I think bindings can be stiff, as falling with your board wont be that bad.