ELI5 getting Ackmaniac working on TB VESC and FOCBOX

I am a 5 year old when it comes to programming. I learn quick. If someone could maybe do a brief run down or video of switching over to Ackmanik I would surly use it.

i’m pretty sure there’s a walkthrough on his thread.

If you could provide a link it would be super helpful. That thread is so large it is intimidating to go searching through it.

should be in the first post

Ctrl+f and search for what you need

I was hoping to have a new thread with a quick rundown of how to get Ackmaniac working for us morons. But I guess that is a lot to ask.

For example @longhairedboy fried a VESC trying to detect his motor. I still can’t find a simple explanation on how to install and run Ackmaniacs BLDC tool.


Hell ya dude. This is what I was looking for! Love you brotha!!!

That’s what everybody was telling you to search for This was a one time courtesy, I’ll search for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you brother! That thread is different from the one I was looking in. I was looking here

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Yeah that one is for the newer v3.xx firmwares

  1. Use your current BLDC tool to flash the firmware (connect to vesc, click firmware tab, select .bin file, click upload)
  2. Using the new bldc tool, connect to the vesc again. Do a read config on main screen. Set the amp limits and current limits appropriately.
  3. Now if you run FOC, life is super simple. You just click the buttons in the correct order, waiting for the motor to finish moving around (keep the motor off the ground for this).
  4. If BLDC, click start detection. If it doesn’t start spinning, just might need to adjust the current.
  5. Click write config. This takes care of your MC Config. Now you need to set your App Config.
  6. Click app config and click read config. Select ppm (or ppm+uart if using bluetooth).
  7. Set main speed controller to id 0. Then under ppm, use the ppm wizard to balance it correctly if the default settings aren’t working well for you (default settings are perfect for the mini trigger).
  8. If your using abluetooth module, make sure you set the baud rate correctly under the UART tab (9600 for many)
  9. If your doing multiple vescs, on the first vesc (vesc id=0), click “multiple esc’s over can” under ppm. And for the other vescs, under app config, the increase the id by one for each vesc, and select “send status over can”.
  10. Now ride cause your done!

Dude you are a god! This is even more perfect. Now when people look for ELI5 Ackmaniac they get this!! So much help for the new members!!! <3

Going to be testing out some of your old hubs very soon!!!