eLofty direct drive sensor wire config / colors

So I’ve had a bunch of DDs. Metasurfs, carvon speed drives, Carvon torque drives, raptor 2, my buddy has the torque board dd’s. I just recieved the lofty dd motors. I noticed that the sensor wire is 5 pin instead of 6. Which wire is missing? Is it temp? To plug into my , would it go, ground(black), next pin empty, h1, h2, h3, 5v(red)? The sensor wire coming out of the motors goes black blue green yellow red. Do I just connect it into a 6 pin in the same order, except leave the second pin blank and move the other ones over one? I tried and it doesnt show up on motor detection. My motor had trouble detecting also, first time I had to raise the current to get it to spin up. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve built numerous boards over the past three years, so spare the newb comments please. Its prolly something dumb I missed but dunno what. Lemme kno if u need pics. It’s all heat shrinked up atm.

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you can check the pin out on the lable of the esc. usually it´s


if you have only 5pins than it´s likely the temp is missing. means the one next to 5V should be free.

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  • black is ground
  • red is 5V
  • white is temperature, and may or may not be present

and the other three are typically

  • orange, green, yellow
  • blue, green, yellow
  • brown, green, yellow

and those three can be in any order. The hall sensor table will be found when you do motor detection.

Of course, some motors may not conform to this normality…


you can buy a converter from a couple of websites including flipsky

Like @b264 said. I did the same with my eLofty.

You check the elofty thread B? I believe I remember seeing someone post a diagram of the wire diagram for it…

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Boom got it. I will the pcb layout is diff than what’s written on the case. I annoying. Ithe sensor wires I got from baggy boards is legit. It comes w a round plug that seperates. And is weatherproof. Thank y’all for the help!

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