eLofty: Updated! Builder's Price Book: Lofty Direct Drive (Shenzhen Lofty Ambition Technology)

In China, when you’re one in a million, there are 1300 people just like you.” - Bill Gates

April 30th update - new price list, below thanks @Winfly and Kenna

China is the world’s hottest market right now - and is widely-predicted to remain the fastest growing major economy for the next decade, and beyond.

We believe that our entire community benefits when we introduce you, our builders, directly to prospective suppliers in China.

When we all work together, our products will be better, safer and more cost-effective, for all our riders and their fams.

Yet working with China can be hard, and especially when facing language and cultural differences. It takes trust to build a true business and stuff moves pretty fast over there. It can be hard to keep up.

We’re trying to advance things and connect you guys in, directly.

We’ve taken the hard part - negotiating a price list with a Chinese supplier in Mandarin - and posted a B2B price list with small-batch discounts for you, below. No glitzy pictures, this isn’t marketing - this is a business-to-business introduction to introduce you to Lofty, so you too can benefit from your own contacts in Chinese esk8.

In full disclosure, we are not compensated by any means for making this introduction or negotiating this pricing for the community, and we’ve bought everything we have at the full retail or eBay price.

We’re just customers like the rest of you.

You order from Lofty directly, you pay Lofty directly, and you receive goods from Lofty directly. All pricing includes shipping to your door, and everything ships immediately.

Credit goes to @Winfly for leading negotiations in Mandarin, supported by testing from @mishrasubhransu, @sofu @landonkun and others, community leadership by @BillGordon and to the rest of the team in the eLofty thread, elsewhere on our forum.

Finally, this special “Builder’s Price Book” is only open until Wednesday, May 15.

Here’s the supplier contact information:

To order: please use WhatsApp, WeChat or Skype and reach Kenna Yan, directly. (No we are not babying you with a form - go meet Kenna and build your network lol).

Kenna is super nice so introduce yourself on WhatsApp, tell her you’re from the Builder’s Forum, order what you want from the Lofty menu, and pay with PayPal. Your products should arrive in a week.

Without any further ado, here is your special pricing that expires on Wednesday, May 15 for the Lofty Direct Drive:

  • retail supplier catalog is on their site, above
  • all builders receive 30-ct. pricing, even if you buy just 1 item, until May 15th;
  • if any category goes into 50, 70, etc. you will recieve the difference credited back to your account towards your future Lofty purchase;
  • the drives have been tested to 58kv
  • axial, Kegel-compatible, TKP or DKP only;
  • newest generation - improved epoxy for better impact and heat resistance;
  • integrated temperature sensor;
  • 3.5mm bullets (comes with female bullets so you can swap if you are not using a Unity or FOCBOX)
  • optional DKP baseplate (drivetrain hanger works with your Independent TKP baseplate);
  • 85mm or 90mm “Boosted Lunar” wheels (cheaper in bundle) - 90mm strongly recommended
  • “extra wheels” means additional set of wheels packed with your drivetrain order (saves shipping to buy +1 wheels)

Price list expires May 15:


To provide you an example of my discount for what I am purchasing in this buy, personally:

2WD + DKP baseplate + 90 MM wheels means:

  • $499 retail (on Lofty’s site)
  • $469 direct on eBay (direct from Lofty)
  • $417 in this buy (direct from Lofty)

If, by some miracle, Lofty sells 100 drivetrains by the 15th, I (along with everyone else who purchased a drivetrain) will receive a store credit for $22.

(what we call a true-up in B2B pricing). Pretty simple.

For the entry-level TKP drivetrain for $279, you will receive the drivetrain hanger with motors; you will need a TKP base plate.

Here’s @mishrasubhransu’s solution that’s proven durable:

TKP setup

I paid a total of $22 for all the things needed for TKP setup.

1 X pack of pivot cups, bushing and nuts

2 X base_plate

I want to say thank you, again, to everyone from the https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/elofty-direct-drive/77910/1060?u=topcloud thread that made this journey possible. Every piece of information, good and bad, helps us all.

We’re thinking about expanding this to two more industry-leading companies: Xinda (China) and walking you guys through every step it takes to make your own decks and enclosures, and Tay Guei (Taiwan PRC) to show how custom motors are made. AEND for wheels (Texas) can be on the list, too.

If you think this series about showing the business aspects of esk8 and dealing with suppliers is interesting and valuable, please let us know below.

Go forth, esk8 moguls. :slight_smile: Thanks again.


Does the DKP baseplate become TKP if the part in the middle is removed? If that’s the case there is no need for an Independent TKP baseplate.

Woop woop! Jumping on this right away.

The picture on their website needs an update. The $499 set still shows a flywheel/abec adapter. Such a tease :rofl:

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For some reason there are 2 websites, perhaps we should be looking at this one instead: https://lofty-skateboard.com/collections/direct-drive-motor ?

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Yes. @esk8jpn tested both and dropped his down to TKP baseplate.

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Preaching to the choir, sir. Many times I have suggested that only available items be shown and that eBay listings only include photos of what is actually offered in the listing.

I think she is simply too busy to do that at this point.

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Yes, and she’s about to get even more busy :smiley:

Has anyone had success adding that number to WhatsApp? I’ve added it to my contact book exactly as shown, but it hasn’t popped up in WhatsApp yet.

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Excellent presentation, @topcloud. Thanks to you and @Winfly for setting the table for us and delivering this opportunity for the community.


Yes, have been using for contact on/off for last few months.

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Ah, looks like there’s a typo on one of the two websites and in the original thread.

@topcloud please correct the phone number to + 86 13411868423. That’s the number from this site: https://lofty-skateboard.com/collections/direct-drive-motor

The number in topcloud’s post and on this site: http://www.elofty-skateboard.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60

Seems to be incorrect and doesn’t come up in WhatsApp.

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Please try this one thanks friends!

Since RKP is not an option and many people’s decks will not work well with DKP can someone summarize the implications of running TKP in this system? For example, you read a lot about TKP not being stable at high speeds, does it apply to this? Also, using truck angles is one able to make the TKPs be stable and carvy at the same time?

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@topcloud Great job on presenting the information and thanks for organizing this. I have a couple of comments:

  1. I wonder if people would want to know where to get the independent baseplates from. The setup below worked for me.
  2. Also the 2WD and 4WD pricing is inconsistent because the 4WD is priced higher by $10 when compared to 2X 2WD even though the 4WD package doesn’t have 2X front trucks. So people would just buy 2X2WD and throw away the two front trucks. Lofty would also have to bear extra shipping cost which can be avoided. I guess it would be in Kenna’s interest to reduce the price for 4WD by removing the cost of extra shipping and the price of 2 front trucks + $10.

TKP setup

I paid a total of $22 for all the things needed for TKP setup.

1 X pack of pivot cups, bushing and nuts

2 X base_plate

image image


I have ridden TKP setup(see my post above) upto 40kmph and I haven’t felt any vibrations or speed wobbles. I normally ride TKP setup.

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Honestly, I also would prefer to use my own baseplates. I was hoping to do the Avenue setup. I wouldn’t want to complicate the group buy though…

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I’m assuming if we get the basic TKP setup for $279, then we can just add wheels for $69?


Correct, my friend.

The wheels are more expensive when sold alone, only due to shipping. The price difference between 85mm and 90mm is only $1 or so.

These direct drive motors work with all > 90mm Kegel-core wheels. My personal favorite 90mm Kegel core wheel is surprisingly the Lofty wheel itself, even moreso than the Labedas.

ABEC cores are not available… yet. :slight_smile:

Do you know anything about their 105mm airless wheels? I’m curious if we’d be able to get a deal on those too. I’d love to try them out on one of my belt builds. The Skullboard 105mm wheels felt like a great size, but the hubs just didn’t have the power to push my big self around.

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we’re importing a set to evaluate, yet I am cautious regarding these types of wheels after my own (disappointing) Skullboards experience. :slight_smile:


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The bacon strip 105 wheels are manufactured in the sloppiest possible way. Beyond shoddy. Someone shared a new set on Reddit that showed up looked used.