"Elpis" | Blizart | KooWheel | eBoards | 10s2p '30Q'

This abomination is the current evolution of my first eskate, absolute trash but she still goes. It has been my campus board for several weeks in various versions; an average of 5mi/day on chunky bricks, uneven sidewalks, cracked roads. I’ve gotten nearly arrested already on it already but no injuries so far, fingers crossed


image image image

PARTS: ~$300

  • stolen Blizart Huricane deck
  • well used 90mm KooWheel Gen 2 dual hubs and front trucks w/ green Riptide bushings
  • dual eBoards ESC w/ remote
  • modded Meepo ESC enclosure
  • 10s2p LitoKitta 30Q
  • ABS cell holders with 16awg wire on pins
  • steel bracket for cells
  • used and discontinued AnnPower 40a BMS (bypassed)
  • 2a charger


  • Speed: 22mph (charged) to 16mph (drained)
  • Range: 18mi (eco) to 9mi(sport)
  • Power: 680W
  • Weight: 18lbs

All stats are from experimental real world data

I had to replace the heat sink on the ESC to match the plate shape in the ESC and added a foam strip to keep the dust out, it has SR30 connectors for the phase wires and extensions for the sensors

The steel battery bar holds all the cells in so they don’t fall out the bottom, it did that and it was not a good time, and protects them from impact since it transfers force to the deck

The deck came from my roommate’s Blizart Hurricane that he pulled apart and taped to a LY pintail and hasn’t used…such a waste, anyways I stole the deck so I could use the cruiser for a glowing push board and the Minority for the Pandora build. I made it a drop through because it was to tall for a push board and decided I liked it more at that height when I converted it

Since I don’t have an enclosure to attach an antispark loopkey to, I just used a XT90s for the BMS connector, and the BMS is hardwired into the battery because I don’t see myself replacing them and I needed the space

In previous versions the components sat in a cardboard box that was bolted to the rear trucks of the Minority or taped under the cruiser, this looks much better

There used to be a power meter so I could measure power and energy, the most energy I can draw from the battery is about 140Wh of the theoretical 216Wh because it gets enough voltage sag to go below the 30V cutoff. The most amps measured is 19.4A between the BMS and ESC when going full speed up a hill, I think the resistance of the motors is to high to pull any more


  • sheet steel enclosure

Why the name? Are you hoping it will work?:grinning:


KooWheel -> cool wheel, Blizart -> blizzard, Elpis is the icy moon of Pandora (my larger board). But you right, I’m hoping that it doesn’t light on fire or split in half, these have been giving me so much trouble



Spirit of hope. Great name.

Just wanna post an update on how Elpis is holding up so far, TLDR is shes doing great!

I’ve noticed the motors get really hot and the battery gets insane voltage sag when the system is above 500W, but anything less that that is very nice to use. The range on the batteries is still over 10 miles before the battery flashes at me when I accelerate or hold high speed and it reliably hits 17mph on short walk ways and up light hills. I’ve added a sheet of 3/8" neoprene foam under the ESC to keep the dust and water out and its been very effective. The batteries are wrapped in duct tape still but its a good seal, a little rust has formed on the metal bars holding the cells down but its still sound and none of the cells have come loose. Despite me throwing it onto the ground and riding when its wet out, its never given me issue except when I lost a sensor wire, very pleased with this trash heap as its creaming the Boosted and Mellow riders on campus, the Evolve GT guy is destroying me but the Pandora build will see to that

Note: cheap cell holders will sustain 10A continuous without getting to hot to touch on the cell or the contacts

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