Elwing electric skateboards

Hello! Does anyone have experience with an Elwing electric skateboard? I’m probably going to sell my Meepo Mini 2 and buy an Elwing Nimbus because of its lower weight and portability. If you have a Elwing how do you like it?

If you’re going for something cheap and light you might end up with a disaster.

I’m just getting dajavu of those 80 buck ebay skateboards looking at it :confused:

IF you want light and still usable, Than I’d recommend a DIY single belt/chain/gear drive build with some energy dense cells.

hey the guys are a french startup, they chose components in china and assemble and do the QC in Bordeaux. Several guys on esk8fr got one and they seem pretty happy about it. The first version indeed looked like the 80 bucks aliexpress boards but had better components (motor was more powerful etc). Their newer version is better, here is the review on french tech website (they are not specialized in skates)