EMB Misc Parts & Accessories (US) - MBS Comp 95, BMS, Gears, Remotes etc

Have a bunch of things I no longer need, most are brand new.

Located in Tampa, FL if you want to pick up otherwise shipping is included in the prices of everything but the Comp95 Board.

$200 + shipping – MBS Comp 95 Board – great shape but I have too many. Will come with MBS Velcro Bindings but the orange gears/pulleys are not included. (see below, selling some)

$80 shipped (US) – Enertion Nano-X Remote – like new, used it for one ride while I was waiting on my flipsky. Looks and performs as new and includes everything.

…SOLD… Broken FOCBox Unity – since I am clearly not going to get my paid replacement from Enertion so theres no sense in keeping this. Not sure if anyone is able to fix them but figured it’s worth something. Has Bluetooth module that can be easily used on other setups so make me an offer!

$30 shipped (US) - Waterproof remote from ebay. Brand new, only has FWD, didn’t realize until I got it. Wireless charging, comes with everything needed – plug n play

$50 shipped (US) - Ebay ESC w/Remote

Brand new, used this once on a test board running a 10s2p lithium battery and planned to use it on a build but I never did. Below is the description from eBay:

24-36V Electric Skateboard Controller Dual Motors with Remote

Specifications: Remote controller: 1005220mm Control panel: 10076mm Thermal baffle: 8059*3mm Input Voltage: 6S-10S Please note that this control module have hub motor version and for normal brushless motor version.(like 5065, 5055, 6354,6364,6374…motors)Max power output 1300W. (600W each motor) The control board is compatible with 24 to 36V voltages, there’s no need to change the voltage. The control board and remote control have been connected to the code before delivery, and the remote control will automatically connect with the control board after starting up. Automatic connection need not yards.

$20 shipped (US) - Lithium-ion 10S 16A BMS with Balance, waterproof, Single Port (Charges to 42V)

Data Summary INR-10S-16A-S

Charge Voltage: 42V (4.2V per cell ± 0.05V) Max Continuous Discharge Current: 16 Amps Peak Discharge Current: 50 Amps Charging Current - up to 16 Amps Operating Temp Range – (-30°C to +75°C) Cell Balance Voltage - 4.2V per cell ± 0.05V Over Current Detection Delay Time - 9ms Balance Current 35mA ±5mA Over Discharge Cutoff - 2.8V ± 0.05V Size: 62 * 37 * 9 mm

IMG_5183 s-l500 s-l500

$50 shipped EACH (US) – These are fully adjustable universal steering dampers (steering stabilizers) for motorcycles. I bought these with the intent of putting them on one of my road boards for speed but after my first crash I decided there was no need to go 60 on a mountainboard. They are both brand new.

IMG_5200 IMG_5201

$30 shipped (US) – Brand new, never needed - 10S 45A BMS PCB PCM Li-ion Lipolymer Battery

This is a 10s 36V-42V lithium battery power protection board. With a balanced, same port 45A discharge. Size: 120 * 60 * 9mm. with Cable, length is 300mm.

Protection board with overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection.

Discharging Current|45|A| |Instantaneous

Discharge Current|100|A| |Charge|Charging Voltage|42|V| |Charging Current|45|A| |Overcharge Protect|Over-charge Detect|4.28±0.05|V| |Protect Delay|100|mS| |Over-charge release|4.08±0.05|V| |Balance|Detect Voltage|4.2±0.025|V| |Release Voltage|4.2±0.05|V| |Balance Current|60±5|mA| |Over-discharge Protect|Over-discharge Detect|2.55±0.08|V| |Over-discharge Detect delay|50|mS| |Release Voltage|2.9±0.1|V| |Over-current Protect|Detect Voltage|150|mV| |Detect Delay|15|mS| |Current Detect|130±10|A| |Release Condition|Cut Load|| |Short-circuit Protect|Protect Condition|Cut Load|| |Detect Delay|200|uS| |Release Condition|Cut Load|| |Temperature Protect|Temperature Protect|/|℃| |Resistance|Inner|≤15|mΩ| |Self-Consumption|Working Current|≤50|uA| |Sleep Current (when Over-discharge)|≤10|uA| |Working Temperature|Range|-30/+80|℃|

$35 shipped/pair (US) – 72T Wheel Gears for MBS Wheels (hubs) with 6/32 inserts. The orange ones were used for a test run around the neighborhood but the others are new. Design and print these and use them on all my boards, currently have over 200 miles on one set with zero signs of wear. PS: you can get a number of different bolts or screws at any hardware store to use on these depending on what wheel you are using.

IMG_5193 IMG_5194 IMG_5195 IMG_5196 IMG_5198

I’m interested in a few things that you’re selling.Give me a call when you can, I’d like to ask you some questions. Steve 512-680-3018

Just left you a voicemail

Which hubs do those pulleys fit?

MBS hubs - basically all of them you’ll just need the right length bolt depending on which hub you’re using.

Do you still have any of the mtb pulleys? Also how bout any belts for those?

I do, shoot me a PM with what you need and I’ll check when I’m home today.

Still have the board for sale ???