Yesterday I was riding my board at 46 km/h after a long uphill and before a corner, my VESCS shut down… so I could not Brake… Almost killed myself out of the path with a tree… Thanks god I was wearing protective gear… (Long gone my stupid years riding over 40km/h only in shorts… after a painful accident). I was thinking about 2 options:

Mechanic: second radio receiver with 1 emergency button and 1servo with small discbrake sys. and a backup 1s bat.

Electronic: controlled reverse motor braking with second mini backup battery and radio receiver…

I know it will add weght and complexity… there are a lot of cruisers, but some of us, i know we are always hungry for more speed and power, after a couple of this SCARY MOMENTS will need to buid up something like this.

If any of you have tried anything or any better idea, i will try to develop one of them.

I dont want those MTB wired mechanic braking systmes, it spoils the freedom feeling of skating…

You could somehow take a disc brake mechanism off of a road cycle bike. Weighs less than 1lb if I’m not mistaken

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if only you could just use something like your foot to drag on the ground. as if you were riding a skateboard or something.


@lowGuido, try that at 46km/h on a dusty mountain downhill path and film it, please send me the video if you achieve it

seriously, for your own safety don’t ride out of your experience level. if you cant stop yourself you probably shouldnt be riding that fast. I have been skating (motor or motorless) for over 30 years. I have never had any issue stopping myself with or without brakes. I have never had a slam I couldn’t walk away from because I know my limits and I dont put myself into situations I can’t control.


Thanks for your advice, but it is a matter of speed, i like it… If im going 25Km/h no problem, but i love the rush of the speed, that is why we put dual 3500w motors and 12s batteries to a skateboard, i think that with the geek part of building it yourself, it is the love for skating and the need for speed what led most of us here… the first bycicle builder didnt think it needed brakes…

I agree in both camps. Putting a motor on a skateboard lets us skateboard noobs/electronic nerds ( had my first step ever on a skateboard Three months ago) achieve speeds where crashing could be fatal.

The problem with motors is that we did’nt need to learn how to handle the board to go fast. A Real oldtime skater did. So in my point of view - In the next couple of years we Will see a lot of High speed accidents, and in time skateboarding genereally Will be illigal caused by to many accidents (it is already here in Denmark ) :confused:

About the brakes? Same issue here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/emergency-foot-brakes-for-mtb-idea/30132

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What @Multi says is true regardless of skill it would be nice to have a safety. I too am a speed lover, I had a similar problem on my mountain board …try foot braking with bindings on at 60kmh down hill. Yes I have also walked away from all of my crashes thanks to the protective gear but regardless of your skill level mistakes happen unfortunately. On another note if you never push your comfort zone you’ll never improve at anything so it’s kinda like a double edged sword. Sorry his didn’t mean to come off as an attack lol, but what multi says holds some truth and is worth looking into I think :blush:


Best emergency brake is a power slide. Check out this video for a quick primer (fast forward to 9:59): https://youtu.be/ewkSCEptQy8


@DK-Odense thanks for your answer, the foot brake idea seems too mechanical for me, ill try to figure out something more bike oriented. And yes… governments tend to prohibite, but we will try to achieve bike like rights

street skateboards have it better than mountainboards on that, I agree, but you never know what’s coming… try powerslinding in dusty or sandy asphalt… or a wet one… we are pushing the limits… and they need brakes… and manufacturers will have something else to sell, so they’ll like the idea…

YouTube is full of longboarder, and skaters foot braking at 30+ mph with no problem. I’ve never had a problem stopping using this method. Sometimes I airbrake first then foot brake. If that’s doesn’t work for you get some slide gloves and learn to use them.

Maybe try those: https://www.brakeboard.com

Available september 2017 :+1: And a mechanical pedal that goes directly to the trucks doesnt Seem that bad at all ( beside from us People’s with hub motors) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Lawndart, Mountainboard are really different and remember we have bindings… and even on street wheels… how many skilled skateboarders accidents can you see because in a downhill a car comes on the way unexpectedly, sure some of them will give a finger for brakes… over all the ones that lost one like a friend of mine on a side rail… Before only radical skaters will go downhill over 30mph, with motors you don’t need great skills to achieve that…

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@DK-Odense nice idea and design… but limiting the space and freedom of our DIY boards…

I was thinking more about something like this https://www.surfingdirt.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=83&pictureid=2133 with servos… the gt2b can handle https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigytm-1268hv-titanium-bb-ds-mg-servo-16kg-0-12sec-57g.html removing all the wire system

Problem is if there is too much electricity produced from regen braking or the battery is full the system will shut down and you lose brakes, Mellow fixed this problem by providing another area for the electricity to be dissipated if the system has a fault or is full so the brakes always work,

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Maybe then use a remote relay to shorten the motor wires (like normalt braking through esc), and a power resistor - a lot more to read here, og you Are going in that direction :+1:

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don’t do this…youll kill VESC’s

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Something like this perhaps.

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