Emergency foot brakes for MTB idea

Hello fellows

As I was E-Skating yesterday (third ride) I went out of brakes when riding downhill thank god i dint have the both vesc connected!

I was riding at roughly 20km or 25km, I tried to brake but the vesc would answer so the only thing that I came with was to throw me out of the board… Couple a scratch but it could be worst…

So I drawn a sketch of an emergency brake. cause I ain’t wanna have another episode like this one.

I may have missed out on something so any recommendation is welcomed!

The bended plate and the pedal are made from 3/16 in. steel. The brake pedal is going to exceed like 2.25 in. from the board. The rubber bumper is gonna make contact on the concrete the instead of my arm;) much like a Rollerblade brake For proportions the tube is a dia 1inch x 16ga thick… I was planning to position it right behind my right foot. (as seen in the image) Two holes are needed on the board


seems like its gona make the board shoot off to one side… making an instant 90 degree turn at speed would be very very bad

Yes it may do such a thing, but I was thinking it would be very settle

If this is an issueI could use a bended (like a Z) square tubing & bring the brake contact point in the center of the board. Thanks for the advise

You not really wanna add something like this to your board dude… ??? At higher speed taking out one foot from the binding and stamp this anchor is a bad idea!

If you wanna have an emergency brake go for a Disc Brake in the front…

Better learn to slide brake… lower your body, grap the toe side and lean back hard…

And the very first thing i would advice is to make sure that this cant happen again… what was the reason for the missing brake on your Vesc6 ?


I added a button to my regular board that i can reach with my foot. It engages a light brake that won’t throw me off the board and completely overwrites anything my remote is doing. I’m using a selfmade arduino remote, but you could probably add such a thing with a small Arduino between your rx and the VESC.

I’ve been toying with various options for front disc brakes. One idea was to use an electromagnet that would be attracted to the disc, with a pad in between, upon activation. But the electromagnet did not have enough pulling power for a reasonable size. My other thought is to use a stepper motor with decent torque to rotate an arm-with-pad that pushes on the disc. Or have the stepper motor pull on a tension cable of a standard brake system. Any other thoughts would be much appreciated!

Well making a power slide in a city is a sounds bit risky but i’m new to mtb so maybe with practice i’m gonna master the skill.(use to snowboarding / skateboarding & wake)

With my brake system the idea was to slightly remove my foot about 60% & press gently the brakes with my heel… & with the brakes being at the back of the board I think it will not eject me :rocket: (theoretically) If I decide to produce the brake I will start to test smoothly 5km 10km 15km … & so on… Off course the disk brake system is very good thing to have but a bit expensive and wired up. I only want to use brake as a last resort when riding in the city. If I start going on mountains I am for sure gonna buy the disk brake solution.

Now why the board stop braking when I was riding down a hill 20% slope.

Maybe the remote? I configured my vesc using tutorial i’m certainly not a pro :wink: The thing is that it could happen with the belt, the remote, the vesc, the motor so I really want a reliable system that is gonna work independently when needed… Thanks for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

Well that sounds good. Taking about thinking outside the box! This is way to advance for me! :slight_smile:

I like the fact that it is independent of the system.

But what is the brake mechanism?

You have a foot! Use your foot… drag it on the ground… it will slow you down

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I didn’t make it clear, the button only triggers the brake of the VESC independent from the remote. There are those slide brakes for longboards but I don’t know anything usable for mountainboards.

There is some product for this, here you have 2: https://m.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-LONGBOARD-BRAKE-KIT-2-0-Top-Mount-WORLDWIDE-SHIPPING-/192070734905?ul_ref=http%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F711-164882-2056-1%2F2%3FPARM3_ID%3DGBH_192%26FF11%3DGBH_192%26kw%3DWtb90QAAAMiH-2jc%3A20180719180425%3As|CjwKCAjw7cDaBRBtEiwAsxprXaSpArvnRsj_omf5dPAo-OsJXvBETeFnpzuLVwh-SvUV-TvPix23wxoCYZEQAvD_BwE%26mpre%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FORIGINAL-LONGBOARD-BRAKE-KIT-2-0-Top-Mount-WORLDWIDE-SHIPPING-%2F192070734905%26rule%3D%26crlp%3D215917280097%26adpos%3D1o3%26device%3Dm%26cmpgn%3D910896432%26ef_id%3DWtb90QAAAMiH-2jc%3A20180719180425%3As%26srcrot%3D711-164882-2056-1%26rvr_id%3D1603302681027%26rvr_ts%3Db3b6e6dc1640a860cd823ef4fff9cc67&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1 or https://www.brakeboard.com/pages/assembly

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Why not use the factory mtb brakes as a board mounted grab brake. Just shorten the cable and mount on front truck…