EMF Hub motor forsale

I have new, still in original box EMF hub motors and have decided to go an alternative route. Let me know if anyone is interested. In US $285 shipped.

$270 shipped. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Im interested. Do you take paypal? If so I’ll buy them right away

Where are you located?

Do these have the slipping urethane problem? I think you should warn buyers about that

All previous modules of EmF, and Jacob’s hubs have a problem of slippage. Im working on a harder urethane to make these motors aleast useable. For the time being, you may easily see urethane slippage.

These are from original order. Never installed them because of the poor reviews. Paid almost $400 for these, thats why I have them discounted.

There were a couple solutions available from @ralphy for the urethane issue. His nubs and sleeve option has been working well for me.


You can go with my sleeves or get the new harder urethane that i tested for the manufacture 2 months ago. Right now the new urethane is only available in blue i think.

The motors are good and the urethane issues are solved, so buy with confidence.

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I added my 3D printed nubs and never had slipping urethane in ~30km now. Took me maybe 10min to mount them with duct tape to the motor. They are amazing motors, super stealthy and absolutely silent in FOC.

Ralphy the urethane was no good. So far I’m personally up to 80a with some modifications To the actual rotor and a Friction tape to grip the urethane. This aslong with your 3D printed nubs are the only good fixes so far.

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Ok cool Alex glad to hear that.

I am looking to ship these within the US. I am moving soon and really want sell them so I don’t have to move them.

May also be selling a board or two, realized I can’t ride 1 board all that often let alone 4.

What do you guys think about the aluminum look? Think i should polish it up and get some bling in there?

You can ride two boards at once if you put one foot on each one😃

@ralphy video please!

if you polish it put a clearcoat on or it’ll tarnish quickly

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I am recommending it for you, i’m ok just riding one…I cant afford two.

Thanks Hummie, cool job on the new motor design you did man.

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