EMF / Jacob hub motor polyurethane development

Guys this thread is for any of you that wish to collaborate your contribute towards the development of a permanent solution to the wheel slip issue.

Im going to be as transparent as possible.

Option 1 Right now I found a manufacture that can make the wheel with a polycarbonate core or Tpu or metal. The issue is they wont move forward without at least $500 in sales. This is http://www.gallaghercorp.com/ they seem to know polyurethane very well and have the ability to bond it to almost anything.

Option 2

Ive developed the insert in polycarbonate as well as the outer perimeter and the stepped edge infills using a 3d printer. Ive had issues with the casting epoxy resin bondjng to the form as well as expanding and creatjng air pockets. I found a manufacture that can provide a 85a shore casting polyurethane thats perfect for the wheels but they sell in gallons at $180 per gallon and min order of $250.

What would you feel would generate a better solution for the community?

Option 1 and we get $500 bucks to get things rolling with gallagherg and we write a performance spec as well as cad drawings


Option 2 and we get half the amount and i continue to explore creating the wheels on my own using the resources i have at home?


For option 1, what durometers could you get? Also, could you get them in 90 or 97mm sizes? I’m thinking a 90mm 75a or 78a wheel could be pretty sweet.

I’ll support whatever option the community decides as being the best way forward.

I would support either option, but would prefer the one that gets larger format hubs 90-97-100mm in my hands quickest lol.


What I want to see is the specification for a rebound of at least 33%. I heard the best wheels in longboard get around 35%. Just note polyurethane is a terrible conductor of heat and needs some consideration. From reading a few books and articles, the wheels are better if it is hot pour and cure in an oven controlled setting.

I’m down for whatever the decision is. If you want to learn more and make them, that’s cool. or leave it to someone that knows the process in and out which leaves you time to focus on other projects.

I’ll front the $500 assuming its done in 90mm and above.


Hey would that work on the motors you sold me? If so I’d be down to get a set

Ok so i’ll reach out to gallenger and give them cad documents and tne specs all of you mentioned. Basically 100mm diameter 80a durometer with 35% rebound.

Id like to get these sets done professionally and set up a trusted manufacture that others can benefit from in the future.

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by the way, is still someone producing them? Or can you buy them somewhere?

Ive sent gallagher the requests everyone mentioned as well as my design for a production cost estimate per set that meets a total purchase of $500 min.

Its best to let an expert in the US do this given how many times this has gotten screwed up.

They may even do an aluminum sleeve with polyurethane bonded. I want a badass wheel set for this dam motor!

The offroad version is next if this is a success.


Would it be possible to make a aluminium sleeve with some small fins on the inside of the wheel could also help cooling and give a little more support to bond the thane in place.


ah sorry i meant the motors itself! Are they still available from someone?

I still have them but I’d need to have a moq of 5 too keep cost down for you guys

Of course if you look at my second sleeve design it actually has greater volume and a sqaure ribbed surface. Ideally if it were aluminum it would act as a huge heatsink given he polyurethane can withstand the temps and the bond.

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Alex shoot me your email so i can cc you on correspondence to the maufacture and drawings. If you willing to front the money to them ill design it however youd like.

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I need to provide the rep with drawings what the wheel size youd like and how are we going to fund this initiative?

Call me if you have questions 305 834 2929

This is the email from the rep.

Rafael, The next step would be for you to provide us with a drawing of the part. We need to understand the dimensions and tolerances. Do you have CAD files? We work in solidworks over here. Once we check out the design we will get a better understanding if this is a good fit or not.

Sales Representative Gallagher Corporation // 800.524.8597


I think some here want them in the size of ABEC 11 Flywheels. 97 mm or 108mm. This is a silly question but is there as opportunity to just get regular skate wheels later on for the urethane being develop?


[email protected] :slight_smile:

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Of course but first this phase has to be done right. So i bump it up to 108mm