eMTB build: seeking Vesc/motor advice

So I’m in process of building an eMTB using following:

*MBS Atom 95x board *SPACE Cell battery + enclosure from Enertion dual belt motor *Dual VESC-x 4.12 *switched from using canbus to Y-connection to receiver for enertion nano remote *front & rear Mountainboard trucks kit from Amazon/L-faster, includes dual motors with the following specs: Model: N6374 Voltage: 36 Volt Output: 2800 Watt Rotate: 230KV Rated Current: 120A

So, I know it’s not gonna be up to par w the trampa builds I’ve seen on here, so please spare me those kinds of comments.

Questions I have are: *should I run it in FOC since motors are sensored, or just stick w BLDC *are 230Kv motors too high, especially since I’m about 220lbs? *if I do BLDC anyway to stop the jittering/stuttering of motors on startup from stop, or avoid having to push start? *what setting in BLDC TOOL do you recommend? Currently have motor max set at 50, should I go to 60?

Thanks in advance!

About running FOC from what i’ve heard I wouldn’t run it… It apparently burns out the VESC 4.12… I ran it for a bit before switching back to bldc after reading about the FOC tendency to be unreliable.

You can run BLDC mode sensored though.

Have fun building.

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I am using Focbox on MTB with dual 6374 - sensored and 10s5p and it is just so smooth. I also recommend can bus communication between modules.

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Okay, thank you both.

I also have 2 new FOCBOXs that I could switch out w the current dual Vesc-x 4.12, if you think there would be any benefits. Only reason I’m using the older vesc’s is bc they were already connected to battery and in enclosure I took off my old enertion dual belt driven board…and they still work.

I’d go with the FOCBOXs