EMTB: Trampa Holypro 35* - link below - contact them (Sold)

Contact the seller via the FB link

For Sale: 30 mile range, (close to) 30 mph top speed E-MTB.

Mechanical: Trampa Holypro 35* 16 ply deck Trampa Mini Vertigo trucks (Titanium kingpin swap) - black with blue springs, yellow damaps included but not installed-extra bushings included Trampa Urban Carver CNC/carbon mounts Trampa Street Carver CNC/carbon mounts (never used, same style as urban mounts but brings the motor closer to the deck, for setups which exclusively use longboard wheels) blue blood orange grip tape comes with freeboard S2 bindings (not shown in pic) 2 sets (8 wheels) of Trampa SuperStars, complete with bearings, spacers, adapters. Will ship with brand new tires. 1 set of 8" Innova 4 ply road tires 1 set of 7" Innova Slickline road tires 1 set 8" Primo Lite AT tires (blue, pictured) 1 set 97mm 78A Abec11 flywheels. 4x 66TT drive wheel pulleys (aluminum) 2x 37T Abec wheel pulleys (aluminum) 2x 15T motor pulleys (aluminum)

Electrical: 10S8P Samsung 25R lunchbox style battery in middle -welded, with BMS. Charge port is 5.5x2.1mm laptop standard DC and charger is included Rear box has two powered fans running off the slave vesc’s servo lead. Switch goes to Vedder antispark board with maxi fuse mod and 150A fuse.
Twin Ollin VESC hw v. 4.12 - currently configured for FOC, 500 miles, varied terrain, no issues Motors are Maytech 6364’s - fully sealed versions, no dirt/sand ingress points. Flysky GT2B in mastercho mod enclosure.

In use, max range achieved has been 32 miles using Abecs. Battery still had 10%. Routinely get 25+ miles riding at 25mph with 8" tires.

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This is the guy that got banned until 2070 or something like that

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HAHah yeah so he wants to sell… don’t make him a bad guy lol