Enclosure accessories

I got a battery from . It has a switch, charging port, and usb ports built into it. I also have a vacuum formed enclosure from psychotiller. I guess I have to make some holes in the enclosure access everything. I noticed alot of ppl here have grommets and covers.

What should I use? I won’t be riding in the rain or anything, but Id like to keep dirt and the occasional puddle away from the battery.

get a kit of through hole rubber grommets

This is my ugly prototype but here’s mine with the same battery and a psychotiller custom. It’s never fallen off and the magnets make it easy to put back on while it’s on the ground.

For the fuel guage I cut a lexan window and attached it with sugru around the edges. I beveled the window with sand paper.

@psychotiller threw in some small strong magnets with my order and I used a dab of sugru to glue them inside the enclosure around the access holes. Then I placed magnets on top, stuck to their counterparts. Each with another drop of sugru on top. Then I squashed a piece of lexan onto the magnets at let it dry.

After that was dry I put a layer of sugru on the lexan between the enclosure, careful to leave the magnets exposed and as close as possible for a strong hold. I also stuck a little sugru ball on the lexan to fill in the acess holes. Before fitting it in place I covered the enclosure with soapy water so the sugru wouldn’t stick. Then pressed it into place and molded the edges into a seal. Then squished the little sugru lumps with my finger from the underside to fill in the seal and lift the whole thing up off the enclosure for drying. I went back when it was dry and covered the top and added a little tab for pulling it off.

It’s rough and ugly. Someday I’ll make a nicer one that’s not so lumpy but it works great!

I told myself I’d cut a hole for the usb ports if I ever experience a situation where I need to charge a device with my board. So far I haven’t felt a need to use it.

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