Enclosure and sensor wires help. Switchblade: direct drive: vx1: 6.6 dual:

Hey guys, this is my first post so might’ve picked the wrong tag but here we go! About the build Battery: Mboards 12s4p Vesc: Flipsky sesc 6.6 Dual Remote: Flipsky Vx1 ( running ppm more only, Bluetooth module won’t fit into the receiver slot :/) Motors: Mboards direct drive Bms: Mboards bms Deck: Switch Blade 38” Wheels: Torque Boards 110mm (found the cagumas, put the Motors too close to the ground. Look at the scratches that’s only 2 test rides, they’ll be used elsewhere :slight_smile: ) Enclosure: ?? So my biggest problem is the enclosure. I need a lot of space to fit both the battery and the vesc. The enclosure shown was a impulse buy that only covers the batter and some wires. I have no idea how to either make a small add on to cover the vesc or who to contact for a custom enclosure.im willing to compromise and buy a new deck but only if it has a built in enclosure at this point. Any ideas here would be super helpful to get me onto the road. Side note:Ik Peruboards makes a enclosure for the 40” which would work. Except it looks really shallow, There’s no proper dimensions given.

2nd problem my motors have sensor wires but they have one pin less than the given halls sensor connectors. There’s not enough documentation from mboards for me to figure this out but I am content with running sensorless, but obviously if we can make that work I want it working.

Also the board is super quick to accelerate and brake. I’ve tested it out with two 4.12 Vesc’s (that only kind of fit in the previous enclosure) on the road. Any pointers on Programming the vesc properly would be great.

Also additional tips would be a godsend but I’d like to iron out the main issues too. image image image image image image image

Also I don’t know how viable it is to try and make the batteries into a single stack, That was a option I’ve explored but it seems risky

True dat, Krad - same clearance problem with the Caguama’s. I covered my motors with aluminum tape, but it’s not working out.



I dropped a note to Madi at MBoards to see if the DD mfg sells the outer motor shells as a replacement part. No news yet. I’ve actually been looking at the TD 110mm’s (and also the blue). Hope you like 'em.

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Ya me too I haven’t been able to test them, they just came in the other day, but enclosure problems lol. First impression though they’re super sticky haha. I have a picture somewhere where they’re stuck to each other