Enclosure CAD and 3D Printing

Right so I’m looking for a box for under my board so it is much nicer looking and a bit safer. I have literally no experience with and CAD program and don’t really have any access to any 3D printers either. If anybody is willing to spend some time on designing me an under board box to put my components in. Here is what I will need to fit in it:

  • 2 Turnigy 5000mah 5s Batteries
  • 1 BMS (From APS)
  • 1 VESC-X from enertion
  • LCD Voltmeter (Purchased on eBay)
  • One LED switch to turn the board on and off
  • One XLR female connector for the charging input

My Deck: Koston Warrior.

I will provide details and better measurements when it comes to it. I live in the UK so I will pay shipping too. If you can print, Europe only. If anybody is interested, I will pay for the design and 3D Printing (If you can design and not 3D print, I will still pay for the design so I can get it printed somewhere else).

Just a little note. It would also be important for people to know where you live if they need to post it to you.

Good Point, Adding that now :wink:

I’d measure your components, and mock up placement to figure out size you need (internal dimensions).

Then i’d go on thingiverse and look for some stl files of existing enclosures and dimensions to see what would fit your need.

if you have a 3d printer - done. If not - 3dhubs or shapeways print ship direct to you? Or similar sites in the UK?

Yeah that was my plans for the printing. I’ll have a look, I was wanting a precise fit :thinking: