Enclosure > DB9 & XT60 connector holes?

How do you guys make holes to fit specific connection types in enclosures? Specifically I have a flagship I just got from @psychotiller (aswesome btw :slight_smile: and I am trying to figure out how to make a slot for a db9 connector and a xt60 connector.

The db9 is connected to x2 3s lipos balance cables and the xt60 is connected to the POS & NEG cables (in series). I was going to use a Dremel but the cutting wheels are bigger than the holes I want to make.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Just make a trip to your local home Depot or ace and you’ll find smaller cutting wheels. I have a super tiny steel wheel I use on some of the smaller holes.

I’ll check it out. thanks

I use a few different bits and small files. I use the small bits to drill the pilot holes and a conical bit to widen them. If I need to make squares or odd shapes, I have set of needle files. With bigger cuts, I’ll use dremel cutting wheels.