Enclosure for Loaded Vanguard - Boosted board styled [EU]

Hey! I have a Flex 1 Loaded Vanguard and I want to build my own Version of the Boosted board. Are there any Vendors who offer these in the EU?

I have seen this one but I have my doubts about 3d printed parts holding up well over time given that the board has flex and that the battery will be quite heavy:

Has anyone used this one with success?


what you can do is carbon fiber lamination over 3d printed parts and then they will become very strong.

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or just use a 3d printed enclosure as a mold :wink:

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good idea! thanks guys :slight_smile:

@Eboosted makes great enclosures for vanguards.

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check out @fottaz enclosures. He ships from Italy! www.eskating.eu

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