Enclosure for the mini remote

Has anyone got a STL file to print a 3D enclosure to change my mini remote?

There are enclusures designs for the GT2B but not for the Mini AFAIK


Doesn’t seem worth it as its pretty small already. I think u can take the wheel off if u want.

i take off the wheel since day one. but i still feel abit big to put pocket. anyone have mini remote design? last time i saw a banana design for mini remote, but not sure can work or not.

We need to make some kind of badwolf design maybe @jackw can do something. Later we could add a Bluetooth screen and arduino to check speed, current, Watt meter and check balancing of packs.

For now I could be happy with just the enclosure.


I’ll give it a look if I have time.

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If someone can send me very precise dimensions of the internals, Ill see what I can come up with.

EDIT: I need exact dimensions to build the model in solidworks. Better yet, if someone has one to load I could model and then print to test the actual fitment.

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Here have some photo showing the internal part Circuit board 25mm x 40mm eatimated. Throttle joint and battery compartment.

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@Eboosted heh finally someone digging this up…

I also had thought about modifying it at least a little bit… battery compartment could be a lot smaller since 2xAA batteries are a bit big… also… the trigger play can be extended… if another enclosure is made… since the original case has a bit of limitation… and not allows the trigger to go all the way up or down…

i think most of the gt2b casing can fit in, just the throttle hole and mounting need to modify.

I agree with @Hummie I like it the way it is minus the wheel. But still I’m interested in seeing what you can come up with

i still havent tried it but I read the wheel can be used as the control instead of the trigger if you hook up the wires to the other channel. I enjoy leaving the wheel so when I let people ride my board I can explain how the wheel is used to turn:smiling_imp: then I wait to see what they say


I can confirm you can indeed use the wheel as a throttle. Im currently using it now.

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I’m a trigger man :sunglasses:

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So how does it feel using it?

I was thinking about this (and maybe someone did it?) that it might be somehow possible to change the orientation of remote… and then… u get thumb controlled remote control (using the wheel) :smiley:

Planning on getting this exact remote, excited to see if someone comes up with anything!

I was working on one for quite a while, I even replaced the AA batteries with a 1s lipo and charging circuit. Other things took priority and I never got around to finishing it.

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I ,too, had a couple designs for an enclosure. One needs a different potentiometer (this one I kinda copied from a Chinese version):grin: and the other I designed for Carvon using the same file. Let me know if anyone wants to take a look.

It’s kind cool! I hold it as if I was using the trigger but, I just move my thumb foward like so


The mini remote is really nice for cruise control. Control the power with the trigger and activate cruise control with the wheel.


i try to use the wheel channel for lighting control, but not really work. i not sure what kind of signal. i need a on off signal instead of continuous signal.

how to do cruise control on the wheel?