Enclosure for this battery?


I have this battery coming in the mail and I’m wondering if it would fit in the WowGo 6.4 LG enclosure which is metal. If not are there any waterproof boxes / enclosures that I can get on Amazon that are capable of housing this battery? I plan to load two of these batteries (or one) depending on space to the bottom of a loaded vanguard.

EDIT: it is a 10s3p 25r pack btw


Have one for sale that fit my 10s3p it’s 2 piece so you can adjust length

nice. how much shipped to Indiana?

Throw me an offer. I’m in Ohio can ship priority shouldn’t be much

Can I see pics of how it works?

Sure give me a little bit it’s raining and in my garage

ok no problem. If I wanna put two of those packs in parallel in there will the case flex with the board?

You’ll never find a flex case it’s decently rigid but works for me pic attached next to my batteryIMG_20190602_145343

thanks for the picture but I don’t think this enclosure is tall enough to hold my battery :frowning: