Enclosure Help for My Curved Deck

I have chosen all of the parts for my build, but I decided to get a curved deck from skateshred.com http://www.skateshred.com/index.php/wholesale-blank-longboard-decks/36-x-9-5-bamboo-drop-through-deck.html

Ruler to show how curved

What are the best options for this that don’t cost a ton. I can probably find a sandwich container from a dollar store, use kydex, or 3d print one for myself (I will put foam and caulking to get a good fit). Any other suggestions or tips. Thanks!

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think you answered your own question lol.

if you end up going with a tuperware from the dollar store you can just take some sandpaper to it and sand it to match the concave of the board

kydex you can just form on the board

3d printing one to match the concave could be a challenge but can definetly be done

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Which one do you like to use the most.

hey, don’t mean to derail your thread but i saw skateshred online and wondered what the board quality is like? how strong does it feel?

I think kydex will be the cleanest looking choice but 3d printed with fibertape for reinforcement is gonna be the cheapest way

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This guy uses another deck from skateshred but also longboard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdylrv1iSHI I like the feel of the deck, I am fairly light and I haven’t put trucks and wheels on the board yet so I don’t know what the flex is like

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I’ve had something similar on both my setups, with the concave, With kydex my rubber strip I had to seal the enclosure had enough material to adapt to the concave(it was pretty thick, maybe 20mm when not compressed).

Now on this setup of enclosures I have first a thinner gasket and then I used a yogamat aswell so it has some space to adjust, but still be sealed. theese are ABS enclosures.

i guess youll have to stay tuned …i ordered the same deck from them as well…arrives tomorrow… and I got the sheet of kydex yesterday… unless my deck comes early tomorrow then tues I will start the build process… Im probably going to try and use a cake pan as a buck for the kydex since making one out of wood is to laborious for me at this moment… and if the pan doesnt bend to the contour will try and shim it with cardboard under the sides for molding…

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you could make drawing to me to custom made the enclosure. http://www.ebay.com.hk/itm/322544620718?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

K. Looking Forward to that

Is it flexible is the board and what do you need to put in it?

damn! just mount some wheels to the case and call it a day lol…

but there are some decent aluminum cake pans and bread pans i used to use when I was a chef, and they have a nice lip around the edge for hardware… but on a curved deck it probably wont bend… enough…