Enclosure inspiration thread

I finished my vacuum forming table today! Now I have to make a mold for my enclosure. I want it to look nice, but don’t have any ideas.

Post your enclosures! I am looking to be inspired.

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RadioShack project box FTW.

But really… I’m going to start my vacuum forming table soon. Did you follow a DIY? Link details on your table!


Yes i use a gross plywood box out of scrap and a old tim for a skid plate.

P.S. This is v5.1


Best. Enclosure. Ever.


:joy::joy::joy: thanks

didn’t follow a diy, just took inspiration from one my friend has

I’m so inspired right now :joy:

Dang…them bolts for wheel pulley are serious


I really like how small mine is but it is very fragile.I have considered making it into a mold, but it probably would lose a lot of the details on it.


Yeah fragile and esk8 don’t mix…

Looks good tho !

Well I am only assuming its fragile because with anything 3d printed you run the risk of delaminating parts, but I have a few dings and dents and no breaking so far…

How abt a layer of cf or fiberglass …

Heck if u go that route u might as well just make it ur mold for enclosures lol

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Abs Result:

Another enclosure:


I break shit all the time so over kill is good.

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Look at some of @psychotiller enclosures on his website. I have one of his original ones, they are really good.

too much teasing?? @AbrownMN this is kinda what I’m thinking… all one piece of course, and rounded on the bottom for the deck.


Here’s the super cheap $0.99 IKEA Stodja box in progress, inspired by @Michaelinvegas. Got 10 to hack and experiment with since they’re so cheap.


Lol looking good lol paint that sucker

Think I’m gonna try plasti dip spray for science. Not sure what color yet.

if only that ikea thing was a little slimmer.