Enclosure problem please help 😢

So close to finishing my emtb project. I just have a big problem :cry::cry: It’s about 1/2” gap What should I do ? Was thinking thick gaskets but don’t think I could find something that thick. Also thought about even applying some sort of wedges on my board where the enclosure will sit. I’m kinda helpless atm does anyone have better idea then what I came up with ?? image image image

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The battery’s too tall for the enclosure


What about a little bit of silicone? :smile: Edit: As far as I know there is even some black silicone…

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You carry any enclosure that’s 1 1/2” tall and 2’ 2/16” long ?


I dont…Is that pack double stacked? A single flat row of cells is 3/4" tall. Double stack would be 1.5"


Double stack 12s6p

What mounts you using on those trampa trucks? Edit: dope I mean MBS trucks…:see_no_evil:

I can’t see in your picture but does your enclosure come with gasket?

If you can’t find a enclosure to fit or make one yourself, and you don’t care about losing Flex. You could build up the deck by using thin slats of wood and some kind of epoxy/polyurethane sealer… seems like more work than just making an enclosure but, it could work.

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@ethel I’m using MBS matrix I I believe their called and the mounts that I have will be @Rithblu

@Skunk yea not worry for flex since my pack is non flexi, so I maybe have to do something like that. I was thinking of putting thin strips of wood where the enclosure will sit cause a raise for the enclosure

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A gasket around the enclosure may help

Like some 1/2” tall gasket. Searching eBay and Amazon right now. Could even probably double stack the gaskets if I can’t find the size I need

How did you double stack it???

@yelnats8j image

Wouldn’t that be triple stack

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Don’t think so. Once folded it’s double stack, unless I’m wrong

Oh. That’s before. I see. Derp derp

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Hahah you had me second guessing myself there for a moment :joy::joy:

What deck is that one? If it’s the MBS it will flex, this could be very dangerous for a non flexible battery pack.

Please upload pictures of your battery build, but as I see it I’m very concerned

@Eboosted It’s a ebay mountain board deck that’s 10ply that’s stiff with no type of flex Here’s the photo of my pack setup Pretty much like my 10s4p setup I’m riding now just this time 12s6p Please give any advice I would love your inputs :blush:

image image image

I have a hard time believing the deck has no flex at all, all mtbs have flex even the 10ply ones. Hop on the board with no electronics mounted and jump on the center, you might get a closer insight and decide if you need to rework that battery pack.

Remember you need fish paper between p-groups that’s the main cause of fire