Enclosures car audio amplifiers

Some Ideas That are in my head. If we could find some blown car audio amps we could use the shells , take the name brands off repaint and polish them perfectly made for keeping electronics safe and cool. Were can we find old blown amplifiers?

They sell these types of extruded aluminium style enclosures on eBay, and you can also find them on AliExpress. However, it’s difficult to find them wide enough with a low enough profile. Normally you’ll find that the wider they go, the deeper they are as well. The thing to do would be to get several smaller ones and kinda ‘daisy chain’ them on your board…

And they are conductive which increases risk of a short

Yes i scraped the idea as well not only that but audio amps are way to heavy even after gutting out. I found a lot of computer boxes for modems and cable boxes ect. go to the place were they recycle cans. They have thousands of computer electronic devices that don’t work . take out the insides use the shell

much lighter, non conductive, dirt cheap. It does take a lot of searching to find multiples of the same kind. I got 10 boxes for $20

You can use cigar boxes Too and even stain and clear coat the wood!

Have you seen these? http://www.diyeboard.com/lithiumion-battery-esc-enclosure-36v-44ah-p-513.html

3.5 inch external hard disk. Some of them come in extruded aluminum frames.