Energy-efficient vehicle tax credit?

Doing my taxes :unamused: and I was wondering if anyone has tried to claim an energy-efficient vehicle tax credit? Am in California. My turbotax says “… energy-efficient vehicle, such as one that runs on electricity or fuel cell technology, you may be eligible for a tax credit”. I think it would be fair if we could get a little tax break when building and investing in our energy-efficient office commuters :slight_smile: I have not been using my car much since.

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Haha! I like the idea. I think any vehicle would need some kind of registry. Which means fees and insurance. I think it would cost more than the tax break? Maybe. I’m in Canada. They have us by our tax nuts here :confused:

I believe it apply only to vehicles that are registrationable to the DMV.

hahah being a finance guy this is funny cuz I can just see @Msk8 filing it and getting audited next year :slight_smile:


I did my taxes on turbotax as well and it made it seem like whatever company registers for some number they can pass it to you, or you could register for it yourself and therefore be eligible for the credit. I dont know anything about how you do this, but when I mentioned it to alextech he seemed to know how to take advantage!

Interesting info @Wubbalubbadubdub, thanks. I won’t explore it this year. Good point that these credits are for regulated/registered vehicles @i2oadsweepei2 and @wmj259. Best to fly under the radar and avoid restricting esk8 regulations as long as we can here.

What part of Cali are you in?

Make sure. You put a cali-approved-catalytic converter :grin:

I asked my dad about it, he’s a CPA. He said it’s a good way to get audited.

Unless you have a title and VIN it could be construed as criminal in Alabama on state taxes. He said you could prolly get away with it on federal, but it’s a flag that audit trollers will jump on.


@Namasaki Los Angeles / Venice

Oh yeah it’s totally a business expense as I’m concerned. I’m using it to entertain clients.

Just get a Nissan leaf or a prius :stuck_out_tongue: or if you wanna go balls deep get a Tesla :raised_hands:

Under Obama there were some options state by state. Probably less or none under Trump… check or or or do your own search for your state. Good luck.

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